Once Upon a Time: Breaking Glass (Recap/Review)

once upon a timeAfter the previous episode of Once Upon a Time calmed things down a little bit, Breaking Glass brings the action back to Storybroke. Emma is determined to deal with the Snow Queen once and for all and she even gets some unexpected help.

Emma and Elsa are at the Sheriff’s office, because they want to check the records and see if they can find anything about the Snow Queen. Elsa finds an envelope, full of Emma’s pictures and she tells them that these pictures are from the time she first came to Storybrooke and Regina followed her every move then. However, much to her surprise, there is a photo of her and the Snow Queen and it looks like they are in some fierce argument. Well, since Emma does not remember this conversation at all, she decides to visit Regina, because she may have some idea about it.

Regina orders Sidney to track down the Snow Queen, because he wants to force her into healing Marion. Few moments later, he comes back and he tells Regina that he found the Snow Queen’s lair. Meanwhile, Emma comes there, but Regina is still angry at her and she is not giving away any information. By the time Emma gets back to her car, Elsa is no longer there. She actually followed Anna, because she heard her crying for help and she even saw her. Elsa follows her sister and she comes to a cliff, however, Anna is somehow already on the other side and Elsa makes an ice bridge to get there. Well, when she finally gets to her sister, Snow Queen is there and she makes Anna disappear. She tells Elsa that this was all just an illusion and Anna was never actually there. Snow Queen traps Elsa into ice chains and tells her that as long as she will be afraid, these chains will hold her captive.

As Emma follows Elsa, she stumbles upon Regina, who is following Sidney’s directions. It appears that the two of them are going into the same direction and Regina is well aware of the fact that there is nothing she can do to stop Emma from following her. They soon reach the ice bridge that Elsa made, however, they are only half way over when a very powerful wind starts to blow. Regina realizes that Sidney betrayed her and that he actually works for the Snow Queen. He led her into a trap and the bridge starts collapsing very fast. However, Regina and Emma manage to save themselves, but Swan is furious because Regina never told her that she put Sidney back into the mirror. She feels betrayed, but Regina tells her that she does not have to explain her actions to anyone.

Well, girl fight is over, as the two of them stumble upon a monster, created by the Snow Queen of course. However, Emma and Regina join their powers and together, they take the monster down. Their victory does not last, since Snow Queen comes there and takes Regina’s mirror. She attacks both of them, but Elsa gets there in time and saves them. It looks like Elsa is not afraid any more and this is why she managed to release herself from the ice chains. Snow Queen escapes and it soon becomes clear that a piece from Regina’s mirror was the only missing piece in her big broken mirror. Once she puts one final piece inside, her mirror becomes whole again. Finally, her plan is revealed, as she tells Sidney that she will finally get what has been denied from her for too long. The Snow Queen apparently wishes to have a family that will love her.

After Elsa tells Emma that she should never give up on people that she loves, Swan visits Regina and tells her that she is an idiot. She wanted them to be friends, because they both know what it feels like to be rejected and misunderstood. Finally, Regina melts down a little and it looks like she actually likes the fact that Emma considers her as a friend. Well, it appears that Regina will eventually be able to forgive Emma for ruining her life by bringing Marion back.

While Regina and Emma chased the Snow Queen, Mary Margaret and David had a date. Well, they were supposed to to have a date, but they discovered that Will escaped from prison, so they followed him. After an hour, Mary Margaret really wants to go back to baby Neil, so David tells her that he will find Will alone. However, when David leaves, Mary Margaret sees Will digging holes at the beach and she decides to confront him.  Well,she is certain that David released Will intentionally, so that she could catch him and fell good about herself again. She lets Will go, but when David comes home later that night, Mary Margaret discovers that Will lied and that he actually escaped from prison. However, David is happy to hear that by finding Will, Mary Margaret found a piece of herself again.

In this episode’s flashback, there was no Arendelle. Instead, they showed Emma and her friend Lilly, who were both fugitives at that time. Emma escaped from the orphanage and her friend told her that she did to. However, Emma later found out that Lilly lied and that she actually has a family. After all these years, Emma now feels guilty, because she never forgave Lilly for lying and it is too late to do that now. She is at the Sheriff’s office and as is just about to open one big white box, Hook comes in. Together, they open the box, which contains all that is left from Emma’s childhood. She finds a camera and she wants to take a look at it, since Emma and Lilly recorded something together in the past. Emma is very sad to see her old friend, but she is surprised when the tape continues back at the orphanage. However, Emma does not remember anything that is recorded and she and Hook are shocked when a woman, who interrupts the recording is no one else but the Snow Queen. It really appears that the two of them know each other and Emma must soon figure out the reason why the Snow Queen erased Emma’s memories of her.

Once Upon a Time finally revealed at least one tiny part of Snow Queen’s plan. Poor woman is just looking for a family that will love her. Well, just like the Wicked Witch actually. Hopefully, Regina will find a way to get Emma’s memories back and they will find out more about Snow Queen’s agenda. Well, one thing is for sure – it is about to get quite cooler around Storybrooke.

By: Janette Verdnik


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