Seattle Seahawks In State of Turmoil

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The Seattle Seahawks finished last season as Super Bowl champions in a dominant performance over Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos, but are now in a state of turmoil according to sources. Seattle seemed to have everything going for them coming into the season, with most of their starters returning, a quarterback that has a history of getting better with each game, and having most teams in NFL scared to death of their defense. The team even started off the same way they finished last season, as they took on Green Bay and had quarterback Aaron Rodgers looking every bit as confused and frustrated as Manning did in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Many thought the Seattle Seahawks could even possibly run the table this year and go undefeated, because of how strong the defense has looked and how well the offense has produced. In this moment, the Seahawks look to be a much different team than original hype would have suggested, and they are fighting for their right back into the playoffs at the season’s half way point.

The Seattle Seahawks currently sit at 4-3 for the season; a good, winning record, but only good enough for third place in the NFC West division. Seattle will continue to be a good team capable of beating many other clubs in the NFL, but there are questions regarding their ability to score without speedster wide receiver Percy Harvin and with a very uncooperative and disgruntled Marshawn Lynch.

According to sources close to the team, the surprising trade that sent Harvin to the New York Jets in exchange for a conditional draft pick came about in a very quick and secretive fashion. There are rumors that quarterback Wilson knew about a looming trade for up to a month before the transaction became official. Harvin is one of the most talented players in the NFL, but he became an increasingly distracting player. Reports indicate that Harvin took himself out of one preseason game after finding out another player might have reps at kick return. He then took himself out of two regular season games in key moments because of being unhappy with play-calling. Harvin was said to also have a bad relationship with Wilson, stirring controversy, and dividing the locker room. It has been said that the Seattle Seahawks were even in a state of turmoil during their run toward the Super Bowl, with Harvin giving wide receiver Golden Tate a black eye the night before the game.

Harvin was very close with running back Lynch, who reportedly “went off” after hearing the news that Harvin had been traded. He almost did not board the team bus to head to their game in St. Louis. Lynch has historically been not very media-friendly, and has not made friends with many on the Seattle Seahawks team. He reportedly does not have communication with Head Coach Pete Carroll, and has requested a trade. Lynch’s contract is over after this season, so although a trade probably will not happen, it is most likely safe to say that he will not be starring at running back for the Seattle Seahawks in 2015.

There has even been drama surrounding quarterback Wilson, one of the most easy-going guys in the league. According to alleged locker room interviews, multiple players on the team have stated that Wilson “is not black enough.” Corner back Richard Sherman took Wilson’s back, saying that the team respects and supports their quarterback. He also noted that the reports are false, saying that anyone can say anything, and say a “source” said it, Wilson responded to the reports, saying that he does not even know what that means, and has said publicly that the team is currently tighter than ever.

The Seattle Seahawks are not officially done, but their current state of turmoil is a lot for any team to overcome; never mind the fact that playing as defending Super Bowl champs has put a target on the team’s back. As it is said in the National Football League, winning solves everything. Getting back to their winning ways may be the best form of therapy for this team if they can find a common reason to fight in the second half of the season.

Commentary by LaBaron Jackson

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