Once Upon a Time: The Snow Queen (Recap/Review)

Once Upon a TimeThe Snow Queen episode of Once Upon a Time was all about Ingrid and it was great to see that her past was finally revealed. The viewers found out what happened to her sister Helga and who was the person that captured the Snow Queen into that urn.

The seventh episode of Once Upon a Time opens with three little girls. Gerda, Helga and Ingrid are three sisters, princesses of Arendelle and they seem to be very close. After they almost get kidnapped, Ingrid uses her magic to save her two sisters, but she is afraid, because she cannot control her powers. However, her sisters tell her that they will always be there for her and the three of them put a ribbon on their hands, as a symbol of their promise. Well, while Helga and Gerda live a full life, Ingrid keeps hiding in her room, afraid that she might hurt someone with her magic. One night, Gerda tells her sister that she knows about a very powerful sorcerer who can help her to control her magic. So, the three sisters go to the Enchanted Forest and they visit Rumpelstiltskin. He tells Ingrid that he can give her gloves that will sort of control/contain her magic, but he can also give her the urn, which is actually a fail-safe in case things go really bad. This urn captures magic and if she uses it, Ingrid will be trapped inside of it. In order to make a deal, Rumpel tells Ingrid that he wants the ribbons from her and her sisters. After her sisters try to persuade her not to give their ribbons, Ingrid decides to make a deal with Rumpelstiltskin.

When they return to Arendelle, Ingrid finally leaves her room and while she is sitting outside, Gerda’s boyfriend approaches her. He tells Ingrid that she is the one who he wants to marry and as he tries to kiss her, she uses her magic to push him away. Gerda comes there and the Duke tells her that Ingrid tried to kiss him, however, Gerda does not believe him and she tells him that she will never marry him. Well, the Duke starts threatening to expose Ingrid’s secret and when she uses her magic on him, Gerda steps in front of him and she is the one who gets hit. Ingrid’s sister turns into ice and when Helga comes there and sees what happened, she tells Ingrid that she is a monster. Helga takes the urn, opens it and captures Ingrid inside. After that, Helga visits the trolls and asks if all memories of Gerda and Ingrid can be erased.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma manages to capture the Snow Queen with a spell that Belle found. Ingrid is taken to the police station and Emma starts interrogating her. Meanwhile, David and Hook are trying to figure out the way to destroy the mirror, which the Snow Queen put into the clock tower. When Belle gets there, she tells them that they should not look into the mirror because it shows the worst in a person, however, when she also takes a look into it, she realizes that the mirror is fake. David and Hook start running towards the police station, because the Snow Queen obviously wanted to get caught. However, they are too late, because the police station is already covered with ice. Inside, Ingrid keeps telling Emma that they are the same, because despite the fact that her family might love her, they are afraid of her powers. Emma looses it at one point and she causes and explosion that blows up a big part of the wall and she is terrified to see what her magic can do. The Snow Queen sets herself free and she escapes. David, Hook, Mary Margaret and Gold come to the police station and they see the hole in the wall. Emma tells them to stay away from her because she did this and she cannot control her powers. When Hook tries to stop her from leaving, she accidentally hurts David with her magic and all she sees in the eyes of her parents is fear. Emma escapes and nobody can find her.

Meanwhile, Robin visits Regina and he tells her that he does not know what to do. Well, she tells him that he must somehow fall back in love with Marion in order to save her and that he must leave her alone. However, later that day, Robin returns and tells Regina that he lived his entire life by a code, day after day and when she asks him why is he there then, Robin replies that today is not one of these days. After that, he hugs Regina and he kisses her passionately.

The episode closes with the Snow Queen, who visits Gold and she tells him that she knows what he wants. Apparently, she wants her ribbons back and she would like to make a new deal with him, because he wants to be free from the dagger and the Snow Queen knows the missing ingredient for that to happen. However, she tells Gold that Storybrooke is hers and that he can have the rest of the world, since Storybrooke is too small for a powerful sorcerer like him anyway. Gold accepts the deal and when the Snow Queen whispers the missing ingredient into his ear, he says that not only he can do that, but he shall do it with great pleasure.

The Snow Queen episode was one of the best episodes of Once Upon a Time in season four and it is great that the viewers finally got a glimpse into Ingrid’s past. It is obvious that she was once a very kind woman and her story is actually quite sad. However, her plan is in motion and she managed to convince Emma that her family is afraid of her. Well, Mary Margaret and David are not giving up on people they love and they will most certainly fight for their daughter, since they really feel bad for showing her that they are afraid of her. Will Emma fell under the Snow Queen’s spell or will she allow her parents to correct their mistake? With everything that is happening, it will surely be one tense ride in the upcoming episodes of Once Upon a Time.

By: Janette Verdnik


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