‘Pan’ the Latest in Fairytale Recreations [Trailer]


The recently announced Pan starring Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried is amongst the latest installments of the ever-popular trend of fairytale recreations. The story serves as a prequel of sorts to the beloved tale of the boy who would not grow up, Peter Pan.

The announcement trailer gives audiences a glimpse of the spectacular vision director Joe Wright has made for the origins of the famed fairytale boy and his world of Neverland. The teaser begins with the young boy Peter discovering a note that his mother (played by Amanda Seyfried) left for him, stating that she longs for the day she can return to him and explain everything. The note continues by saying that mother and son will be together again, whether it is in the present world or another.

Whilst asleep in his orphanage, Peter is seen being abducted by some rather frightening-looking beings resembling pirates. A flying sail ship then takes Peter across the rooftops of London and into the fantastical world of Neverland where the visually stunning effects of the trailer take place. A captivating and even darker take on the famed fantasy land is seen as the trailer continues to reveal numerous pirates, mermaids, native tribes and more.

Jackman is showcased as the primary villain of the film and in this rendition Captain Hook is actually not the individual to fill that role. Jackman takes on the part of Blackbeard, a rather notorious character seen throughout pirate lore. Garrett Hedlund of TRON: Legacy fame plays the part of James Hook, a younger version of the infamous pirate who appears to not lead a life of piracy at all at this point in his life and displays a rather charming and cheery disposition as opposed to the hateful hook-handed menace audiences have come to know. Pan will undoubtably showcase the backstory of Captain Hook alongside Peter Pan as well in this prequel tale.

Oscar nominee Rooney Mara takes on the part of the Indian Princess Tiger Lily and appears to pack a punch with a more warrior-like portrayal as opposed to the damsel-in-distress figure displayed in the Disney animated version of Peter Pan. Renown model Cara Delevinge makes an appearance in the trailer as a mermaid, although her exact importance in the film remains a bit unclear and Hollywood newcomer Levi Miller takes on the titular role of Peter himself.

The recreation of fairytales has proven to be a very popular trend in the filmmaking world as of late. This summer’s blockbuster Maleficent was perhaps one of the most recent examples, as it told the story of the well-known tale of Sleeping Beauty from the original villain’s point of view. The highly anticipated movie musical Into the Woods is another example, blending many of the most cherished children’s stories such as Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Bean Stalk into one. Disney also just recently released the trailer for their latest revamp of the classic tale of Cinderella as a live-action film starring Oscar winner Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother.

Pan is the latest of the fairytale recreations and one must wonder what famous tale will be next. The film is scheduled to be released in July of 2015 and the announcement trailer can be viewed below.

By Cody Collier

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