Top Five Worst Black Friday Crimes

Top Five Worst Black Friday Crimes

Top Five Worst Black Friday Crimes

Every year on the day after Black Friday, and even throughout the shopping-crazed day, news channels are flooded with story of crimes that range from the ridiculous to the deadly. People get so consumed by the deals and getting whatever it is they need that sometimes violence ensues. Here are the top five worst Black Friday crimes ever.

Oh is that a dead body? Sure, people get a little crazy during the holidays, but this story takes the crazy up about ten notches. In 2011, at a Target store in West Virginia, a 61 year old man, later identified as Walter Vance, who suffered from a heart condition, collapsed in the middle of the store while doing some holiday shopping. It was reported by other shoppers that people completely ignored the man laying on the floor, obviously unconscious and in need of medical attention. There were claims that people were even stepping over the body, going about their shopping needs. Sadly, the man later died in a hospital.

Stun gun fight: In 2013, an intense Black Friday fight broke out at the Franklin Mills Mall located in Philadelphia. Three women reportedly got into an intense fight. Though it is unclear what initiated the brawl, it is assumed it was over an item they each wanted. The fight escalated until one woman brought out a stun gun, threatening to attack the other women. After the stun gun was pulled, the fight ended abruptly and they parted ways to go about their shopping.

Brawl at Toys ‘R’ Us: Toys ‘R’ Us is famous for their Black Friday deals, and parents around the nation flock to the stores, anxious to get their kids the latest must-have toy of the holiday season. However, at the Toys ‘R’ Us store located in Palm Desert, California in 2008, a heated fight erupted. Two women reportedly started fighting each other in a bloody mess, and then their husbands decided to join in by pulling out their guns and shooting at each other. No one was seriously injured. Do people normally bring loaded guns to a kid’s toy store?

Best Buy baby: Sadly, there are always stories making the headlines of children being left in cars, many times ending in the child’s death due to the temperature at the time of the incidents. A 34 year old man identified as Haider Darwash decided to go shopping for the latest deals at Best Buy, and he left his two month old infant in the car. A patrolman spotted the sleeping infant in the car and tried to locate the owners. After searching for ten minutes, the officer was not able locate the car’s owner, and smashed the car window in order to get to the infant. Shortly after, Darwash appeared, claiming he thought the child was with his mother. Luckily, the child did not suffer any injuries, and Darwash was taken to jail.

Spit fight: Number five on the list of the top five worst Black Friday crimes ever took place at a Walmart Super Center located in Garfield, New Jersey. Two women were involved in a verbal fight in the infant clothing section of the store. One of the women, 29-year-old Crystal Hickman apparently got so heated she took it upon herself to spit on the other woman, as well as the other woman’s young child. She was also charged with hitting the child. Really? No cute baby outfits are worth going to jail over, seriously.

These top five worst Black Friday crimes ever may be shocking to most, but each year there are more and more stories making the headlines about people losing their cool and going completely nutso during the shopping and tremendous deals offered by stores. It can definitely get weird and scary out there, so it is important for consumers to remember to stay safe.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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