Ray Rice Suspension Overturned


As was widely predicted, Ray Rice had his indefinite suspension overturned today when a ruling was handed down by former United States Judge, Barbara S. Jones, the hearing officer reviewing the case. This suspension was the second one to be handed down in relation to charges of domestic abuse against Rice. His appeal was based upon the fact that he, and the NFL Player’s Association, challenged the ability of the NFL to hand out a second suspension for actions which they already had full knowledge of previously. The NFL’s contention that Rice had not been completely honest in his first reporting of events was rejected by the judge, and the suspension was overturned.

In theory, this means that he can return to work immediately. Putting that into practice may be far more problematic for him. In order for him to work, he will have to find a team willing to take him in light of all of the distractions and publicity associated with this case. He also has not played for some time now, so may not even be in the shape required to induce a team to take that kind of chance for him. Though Rice won a victory today with the ruling to overturn his suspension, it may not make that much of a difference with respect to his return to the NFL.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Keith Allison – Flickr License

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