Revenge: Who Is David Clarke?

revengeAfter Revenge season three finale, the creators announced that James Tupper will be joining the cast as full-time series regular in Season four. However, the viewers probably did not expect to see David Clarke so evil, despite the fact that it was previously suggested by some reports that he will be a different man. Throughout Emily’s flashbacks, David was presented as a kind and loving man, but in season four, he is anything but that. So, who is David Clarke?

The first of indication of David becoming a bad guy was made during Revenge season three finale, when he stabbed Conrad Grayson in cold blood and he then left him on the side of the road, where eventually, Conrad bled to death. However, the viewers did not know what to expect from Clarke in season four, since it was not clear if this was just a one-time act of his revenge or if David actually turned into a cold-blooded killer during the time he was absent.

Soon after the season four premiered, it became obvious that David has a really dark side. The man he used to be was apparently gone and Victoria had almost no trouble to get him on her side. David believes that Amanda is dead and Victoria is making sure that it stays this way. However, she keeps accusing Emily for destroying her family and because of that, David even sneaked into Grayson Manor in the middle of the night, in order to kill Emily Thorne. Luckily, Nolan came just in time to save his best friend’s life.

The viewers were anxiously waiting for the moment of David’s and Emily’s reunion, but they probably changed their minds after the Damage episode, when David finally showed his true colours. First, David visited Nolan and he told him how proud he is of him and of everything that he has achieved in his life. Then, Clarke asked Nolan to be present during his interview, because he could really use some support from someone he trusts. Well, Nolan came and David told him to join him in front of the camera. And then, David Clarke publicly accused Nolan of stealing Amanda’s money. Well, it does not end here. Later that night, David came to Nolan’s house and as things got pretty hot between the two of them, he punched Ross in the face. So, it became clear that David Clarke is a bad, bad man. Period.

Based on what the season four of Revenge offered its viewers so far, it is safe to say that it will be another great season of this show. At first, it appeared that it might get very boring, since after three episodes, Emily and David were still separated. However, during the Damage episode, things took completely different turn and as David Clarke finally showed his face, it became clear that he will be causing troubles in the upcoming episodes of Revenge. And since he has Victoria by his site, it will surely be one fierce battle between the two of them, Emily and Nolan. Well, bring it on Revenge, the viewers are ready.

Opinion by: Janette Verdnik


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