RHOA Kenya Moore and Sherri Shepherd Beef Explodes on Twitter

RHOA Kenya Moore and Sherri Shepherd Beef Buids on Twitter

Things heat up on Watch What Happens Live with host Andy Cohen’s guests Sherri Shepherd and Kenya Moore. The conversation took a turn for the worst quickly after Andy brought up the unfortunate brawl from the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Show between former cast member Porsha Williams and Kenya. Sherri’s perception of what took place was not #TeamKenya and the reality TV star did not appreciate it.

The former star of The View felt Kenya provoked the fight by using props and putting them in Porsha’s face. The crew from the talk show discussed the attack on a segment of the show and their unified response as shared by Sherri was as follows:

We all felt collectively that Kenya provoked Porsha. The use of a bullhorn on set was too much. Somebody’s going to lash out. It’s going to happen.

RHOA Kenya Moore and Sherri Shepherd Beef Buids on Twitter

These guests could not agree on much of anything, one example is when Andy asked what they each felt about Phaedra Parks not supporting her husband by not attending his court date for sentencing. Kenya felt her co-star should have shown greater support because Apollo is still her husband. She added, even if Phaedra did not go to court she should have been home when Apollo returned. Sherri, on the other hand, was in full support of Phaedra’s actions and defended her decision to keep the children away and not attend his court appearance.

The discomfort situation garnered fuel after a caller phoned in with a question for Kenya and accidentally called her Kendra. Kenya responded with an attitude:

My name is Kenya. I’m named after the country in Africa. Please get it right.

Sherri felt Kenya should handle her fans with a little more care and not be so rude. Kenya hit back with a careless tone that this obviously was not a fan and she did not care about the caller or what she thought. Sherri attempted to share wisdom from her many years of celebrity status with Kenya on how she should treat her fans.  The former Miss USA disregarded Sherri’s counsel and shrugged her off.

Although there was obvious friction between the two guests, with Andy in the middle to mediate, it seems Sherri was fine to “agree to disagree” and move on. As Sherri shared her views, Kenya appeared upset and was visibly shocked. The RHOA star wasted no time before she headed to her Twitter account to post and see what others thought about their interaction. She tweeted:

Is it me or is she coming for me??? So rude and so nasty.

Kenya is no stranger to beefs among other celebrities. She has experienced conflict with several people in and outside of her fellow cast members. Many are over her “victimized” persona and feel she starts many of the disagreements she finds herself in. Recently, The Real host, Tamar Braxton, was a guest on Watch What Happens Live and found no shame in sharing that she, like so many others, is not #TeamKenya.

Sherri said she is too busy for a war on Twitter and only gave Kenya a few minutes of her time. She stated there too many projects on her plate to worry about Kenya. The former View host tweeted:

Just got home…my TL lit up from #WWHL w @KenyaMoore’s tweets…no time – have to sell wigs @QVC tomorrow & read script for my new movie. I don’t need twitter beef to be relevant, my talent alone handles that for me! Now let me go polish my Emmy Award #TwirlOnThat


RHOA Kenya Moore and Sherri Shepherd Beef Gains Fuel on Twitter


The comedian ended after writing that each show she has hosted have resulted in acting roles such as stand-up comedy shows, television, film and Broadway. She added that all of her jobs were booked on talent alone. Sherri added:

Oh my gosh…did I just drop the mic! Going to bed now…have a great night!

Kenya’s fans got in on the action and so did Porsha. Things got awkward on the set and Kenya decided to carry the tension over to Twitter. Sherri quickly shut the drama down leaving Kenya Moore with the task of adding another person to her growing list of adversaries.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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