Scott Disick ‘Excited’ For Birth of His & Kourtney Kardashian’s Third Child

Scott Disick, longtime boyfriend of Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashian, says he is extremely excited to welcome the pair’s third child into the world. The self-appointed Lord gave the statement in a recent interview with People magazine, one which took place last week.

In the interview, the 31-year-old gushed about his feelings towards his girlfriend’s newest pregnancy, stating that he was just as excited now as he was the previous two times. He says he is very much looking forward to having another child, and more than up for the challenge of adding another one to the brood he and Kardashian have already created. He says he is counting down the days till the birth, which is said to occur sometime next month.

The upcoming birth of the pair’s newborn is said to be something of a new start of Disick, who has faced more than his fair share of loss in the past year. His father Jeffrey Disick passed away earlier this year, mere months after the death of his mother had occurred. The double blow hit the former model extremely hard, and the interviewer in question asked him to relay his coping methods in terms of having the strength to deal with such a horrendous dual loss and still find the courage to move on and keep getting through each day. Disick responded that while he did not have a real answer for them in terms of his methods and daily rituals for coping with such tragedy, the only thing he can recommend is positive thinking and hoping for the best while trying to move on with his life.

While the former restauranteur is currently excited about the birth of his next child, this was not always the case. Indeed, Disick was less than happy when Kardashian broke the news to him at the start of her pregnancy. In a heated argument filmed and broadcasted to the public via a recent episode of KUWTK, Disick unloaded on his girlfriend for what he felt was trapping him into looking after more kids. He put the 35-year-old on blast for what he felt was ‘suckering’ him into further parenting responsibilities without giving him prior warning, something he was extremely open about being objectionable towards.

The relationship between Disick and Kardashian has certainly been making headlines in the past few days. Just yesterday, fans were sent into a frenzy over an Instagram post the latter celebrity posted containing a composite photograph of a popular animated movie accompanied by a quote that seemingly hinted at a possible breakup between the two. Said picture contained the popular characters Lilo and Stitch from the hit 2002 Disney film of the same name, and was accompanied by a caption stating that it would be okay if one character left because the other one would get over it and was used to doing so. This post came after several months of public turmoil between the two, including more than one incident in which Disick was evicted from the family home due to his issues with excessive drinking.

It remains to be seen whether Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian will remain together in order to raise their third child. For the time being, however, the former reality television star says he is nothing but ecstatic regarding their newest coming arrival.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
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