Homeland: There’s Something Else Going On (Recap/Review)


HomelandThere’s Something Else Going On was yet another great episode of Homeland and it seems that the show is finally getting back on its old tracks. The first few episodes in season four were rather disappointing, however, Homeland creators obviously had an ace up their sleeve and they managed to make the show very enjoyable again.

After the rescue mission of Saul, who managed to escape from Haqqani, failed in the previous episode, the CIA has no other options and they are ready to meet with Haqqani’s demands. Carrie is the one, who will lead the exchange and she has a feeling that something is not quite right, since Haqqani kidnapped Saul after he faked his own death. Which means, that he had another agenda when he made the world believe that he was dead and this prisoner exchange looks like a bonus for Haqqani.

While everyone is getting ready for the exchange, Redmond talks to Dennis and he tells him that Sandy was giving classified information to the ISI, in exchange for Taliban targets. Redmond says that this files came from Martha’s computer and he asks Dennis if he was the one who stole the files. Dennis denies everything and after that, Carrie decides to face him. Mathison tells Dennis that she knows that he was stealing the information from his wife and that he also broke into her apartment, in order to change her pills. Dennis keeps denying everything and Carrie leaves him locked up during the night. When she returns the next day, Mathison shows him the video of Sandy’s murder, but Dennis is still not talking. In the next moment, Martha interrupts the conversation and she tells Carrie that she has no right to interrogate anyone without her knowledge. Back at her office, Martha tells her husband that he can trust her, but Dennis keeps lying and he says that the CIA is making everything up. Martha leaves and as she goes straight to Carrie and Lockhart, it becomes obvious that her interruption earlier was just a part of the plan, but it did not work, because Dennis did not tell her anything. Later that day, he tries to go into his office, but a couple of guards in front of his house stop him and they tell Dennis that because of his own safety, he is not allowed to go anywhere. Martha comes home and when she sees her husband with a bag, she takes a look and finds clothes and passport inside. Dennis looks very guilty, so his wife orders the guards to lock him up.

Meanwhile, everything is ready for the prisoner exchange, but Carrie still feels that something is not quite right. When the Taliban pull Saul out of the car, Mathison sees that there is also a young boy with him. And not only that, he is wearing a suicide west and according to Haqqani, the boy is just an insurance. However, Saul sits down on the ground, because he does not want this prisoner exchange to happen. Taliban immediately start threatening that they will pull the trigger on boy’s suicide west, so Carrie decides to go closer and talk to Saul. She manages to convince him to stand up and she tells him that there will be no more dying. So, the prisoner exchange finally happens and Saul is safe. While the convoy is driving back to the embassy, a car in front of Carrie and Saul explodes and suddenly, there is a big mess on the street. All the cars in the convoy are burning and nobody can reach Carrie on her cell phone. Martha is visiting her husband in jail during the time of the explosion and when Dennis hears that all of the Marines were sent to the site of the explosion, he finally tells his wife that this is obviously exactly what Tasneem wanted. His wife is shocked when she learns that Tasneem is his contact in the ISI and Dennis admits that when she wanted to know how Carrie is getting in and out of the embassy unnoticed, he told her about the tunnels.

Homeland‘s ninth episode closes with Haqqani and his men, who are already down in the tunnels. It becomes obvious that Carrie was right and there was indeed something else going on. Not only did Haqqani get his men back because of Saul, the explosion was a diversion and with all Marines gone from the embassy, the Taliban now have a clear path to do whatever they want to. It was most certainly an unexpected twist and it took the show onto a whole new level. There is no sign of whether Carrie and Saul survived the explosion, however, since she is the main character of Homeland, she will probably end up with just a couple of scratches and bruises. Also, it looks like she and Aasar are getting closer and Carrie obviously trusts him. Homeland creators most certainly did a remarkable job and the show finally got very watchable again.

By: Janette Verdnik