Stephen Collins Demands One Million From Wife Over Molestation Confession

Disgraced actor Stephen Collins is reportedly demanding a million dollars from his soon-to-be ex-wife Faye Grant, in regards to the secret recording of his molestation confession that took place back in 2012. The 67-year-old says that the woman had absolutely no right to tape the therapy session without his content, and that she was under legal responsibility to protect his privacy when she did so. He also blames Grant for the leaking of said tape to popular gossip website TMZ, upon which it went viral and alerted the rest of the world as to what was going on.

The former 7th Heaven star was absent from the first day of his divorce trial, which began on November 12th. His demands, however, were outlined in a document recently obtained by TMZ at the end of the day’s process. Collins feels he is entitled to the payout due to his ex having ruined any possibility of him ever obtaining work again, as multiple different ties have been severed with the actor since the tape made its way around the internet. He no longer has an agent to book him work, and even if he did said booking efforts would be futile due to no companies or professionals wanting to hire him since the scandal broke. Indeed, Collins was almost instantly dropped from production of the upcoming comedy Ted 2, as well as booted from his role on the hit ABC political thriller Scandal. The actor is incredibly bitter over this lack of employment opportunities, putting the blame solely on Grant for exposing the public to his taped confession.

The aforementioned trial was original supposed to start earlier, but was delayed as a result of Grant’s attorney opting to represent a different individual and thus parting ways with the former actress. This conflict was said to have started over a payment dispute, with Grant insisting on wanting to pay less than the designated fee. The lawyer in question declined this agreement, and thus the woman is now in need of a new representative. This alleged spat over funds is viewed as something of a trend when it comes to Grant, especially regarding her impending divorce from Collins.

Upon the pair going their separate ways, the 57-year-old and Collins became involved in a very nasty dispute regarding the splitting of finances in their upcoming divorce. While Grant was automatically getting half of her husband’s earnings from the time of their marriage, she felt that she was entitled to much more than that due to having given up her own career in order to better raise the pair’s daughter. The woman wanted residuals from any upcoming reruns of Collins’ past shows and movies, as well as a cut of any upcoming roles. The actor has given the statement that Grant has been attempted to extort him since their split, using the tape as a threat towards whether or not she was given more in the divorce. He has since put her decision-making skills on blast, stating that her efforts to gain more income are now moot since he is in no position to make another dime after the aforementioned confession’s release.

It remains to be seen whether or not Stephen Collins will get his wish of receiving a one million dollar payout from his ex Faye Grant. The divorce proceedings are still ongoing, and any decisions regarding finances and the like have yet to be revealed.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
Los Angeles Times

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