Suicide Bomber Kills General in Iraq and Wounds 9

Suicide Bomber
A suicide bomber attack in the town of Baiji, located in Northern Iraq, has killed a senior security forces officer, General Faisal Ahmed, and left 9 other policemen wounded. A tanker truck loaded with explosives was detonated in the town by the suicide bomber, targeting Iraqi forces coordinating there to repel Islamic State (IS) fighters vying for control of the area. This area has seen a great deal of ground taken by IS forces in recent weeks.

This suicide bombing comes just prior to the announcement by Barrack Obama that the United States is prepared to double the number of troops deployed to Iraq. The President announced today that more troops were needed to expand the efforts to train and assist the security forces in Iraq, and that as many as 1,500 additional troops could be deployed to the region. He specifically mentioned the need to provide support in the region of the Anbar Province, one of the most heavily affected by IS attacks.

By Jim Malone

Image courtesy of James Gordon – Flickr License

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