The Originals Season 2 Episode 6: Wheel Inside the Wheel [Recap/Review]

The Originals

With Elijah captured by Esther in last week’s season two episode of The Originals, episode six, Wheel Inside the Wheel, saw Klaus try to protect the loyal members of his family. It seems the hybrid does have a heart after all, and everyone knows not to cross him. However, his mother is expecting him to come, and makes him an offer he may not be able to refuse.

This season of The Originals is certainly family focused, as many fans hoped. With Esther’s return, secrets from the past can be told. One of those is the fact that the Mikaelsons have a witchy aunt, who was a much better witch than her sister. She was so good that Esther gave up the practice of witchcraft, and turned to her sister for help when there were problems with her fertility.

At the same time Oliver is in trouble, and up for execution. Klaus, who is busy torturing witches, tells Hayley that she cannot help save Elijah, so she decides to save the loyal member of her own pack. The newest hybrid on the block even asks Marcel and Gia for help, who are also helping Cami deal with her suspicious psych tutor (a.k.a Finn), and realizes that she needs an alpha wolf. The only option is to find Jackson.

While Hayley and Marcel work together, Klaus goes to the old family plantation. Wheel Inside the Wheel, episode six of The Originals’ second season, shows that even those who despise their mothers can listen to choices. Klaus is stopped from desiccating his mother’s corpse when an illusion of Elijah appears. Luckily, Klaus knows that Elijah would not look so great, and Esther reveals herself.

It appears that she has no idea that Mikael is back. Klaus breaks the news, along with the fact that Kol knew all along. Esther knows that she needs her son’s help to destroy Mikael, but is also ready to tell him the truth about his real father. Esther has another secret: there was another daughter born to Mikael, who was his favorite.

The daughter, Freya, died of the plague; a seemingly normal way for the cast of The Originals. Mikael shut Esther out after that, and Esther turned to another man for comfort. It turns out that Mikael was not happy when he learned the truth, and killed Klaus’ real father.

Back to Hayley, who finds Jackson in the Bayou. It seems like he has turned his back on everything in The Quarter and that happened in season one of The Originals, and is now working with Ansel, another wolf. When Jackson refuses to save Oliver, Ansel does instead and this wolf does not take kindly to witches who are going to kill her kind.

Of course, Cami becomes part of Marcel’s plan to distract Finn so Hayley and wolf-girl can save Oliver. While Oliver is eventually released, thanks to Hayley and Marcel’s plan, the execution still happens. As expected, Esther knew that they would come to save him and cast a spell to make sure he still died. However, there was enough time to encourage Jackson to become a great alpha again.

Things cannot be simple on the show either. The possible biggest twist of Wheel Inside the Wheel, the sixth episode of The Originals season two, is that Ansel is really Klaus’ family. The dead do not stay dead with this show.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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