Will Rebekah Return to The Originals?

The Originals

Many fans were disappointed when Rebekah left The Originals in season one, and just wanted to know when she would return. While there was a glimpse of her in the season finale and in the premiere, it seemed like that was it. However, with a show like that, she was always going to be pulled back into the fold.

Season two of The Originals is heavily focused on family. Not only did Davina bring Mikael back at the end of the finale, Esther, Finn and Kol were brought back. All the Mikaelson children are in New Orleans except Rebekah, and there was no way that Esther would let her remain a vampire.

The great news is that the youngest Mikaelson sibling will return, but does that mean Hope will come along for the ride? The best thing for Hope is to keep her as far away from New Orleans as possible, but who could Rebekah possibly trust enough to protect her niece. Klaus would not be happy to find out that Hope has been left alone with someone else after the extent they all went to after the showdown in the season one finale.

According to Michael Narducci, the executive producer, Claire Holt will return to the show. She will appear in episode eight, The Brothers That Care Forgot. Now that fans know when Rebakah will return to The Originals, there is the questions of why and for how long.

There was never an option for Rebekah to come back to New Orleans voluntarily, so Esther has something to do with this. One important point to make is that Esther is offering everything that Rebekah has always wanted. The younger sibling wanted that normal life. She wanted to have children and escape the drama surrounding her family. She nearly had the cure for herself in The Vampire Diaries, which would have been a disappointing end for her. Esther is able to offer that normal life.

However, does she trust her mother? Would she give up the chance of being Hope’s guardian? There is no way that Klaus would leave his daughter in the hands of a mortal being, even if she is a witch. Hope’s aging has never been raised either. Will Hope just have a normal life, or will she stop aging at some point in the same way that Twilight miracle child Renesmee did?

The Originals fans will see a different side to Rebekah. She can no longer selfishly think about herself. There are others’ needs before her; more importantly the needs of her niece. Of course, she also already has a bond with her brothers and has stood by them all this time. Will she stand by Klaus and Elijah again—that is if both of them have not taken Esther up on the offer of having a normal life.

Before anything can happen, Esther needs to find her daughter. Rebekah’s location has been hidden. Do Hayley and Klaus even know where their daughter is being kept? Esther is using her magic to find her daughter, while concentrating on encouraging her sons to give up their vampire abilities. Fans do not have that long to wait. Rebekah will return to The Originals in episode eight, which is a little before Christmas.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham

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