The Walking Dead Goes Musical With The Hillywood Show

The Walking Dead

The Hillywood Show is known for its parody takes on various TV shows and movies, and now The Walking Dead goes musical. Hilly and Hannah Hindi have gotten together again for another well-produced, dance-tastic parody, all set to Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust.

One thing that the Hindi sisters do is choose a great song to work with for the respective stories being told. Somehow they fit the movie or show, whether it is just for one specific part or the overall storyline. Each parody has been greeted with fans excited for the next one, and people donating towards their efforts.

A few years ago, the girls entertained YouTube audiences with The Vampire Diaries parody. Hilly Hindi dressed up as Katherine Pierce, and others joined in to dance along to Lady Gaga’s Teeth. It was so popular that even cast members of the real The Vampire Diaries got to see it. Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, who play Damon and Stefan Salvatore respectively, were amazed at the work and production value. They loved seeing their characters portrayed by others in a funny way.

Now, the girls have done it with The Walking Dead, and this has taken it one step further. While making The Walking Dead into a musical, The Hillywood Show have gotten real dancers and actors in the past, but this is the first time they have gotten an actor that many fans will already recognized.

Osric Chau makes an appearance in the video, and even shows off his own dance moves. Supernatural fans will know Chau better as Kevin, the prophet who was killed during season nine by Gadreel-possessed Sam. It was that heartbreaking moment for Dean as he lost yet another friend, and devastating for fans who had grown to love the character. Fans did get to see Chau later at Comic Con 2014, where he told the story of Jared Padalecki dislocating his shoulder while they were wrestling.

The Walking Dead parody was placed on the girls’ YouTube channel on Monday November 10, and already has over 200,000 views. Many of them are subscribers of the channel already, but the number is set to grow.

There are over 1,500 comments with many people praising the girls for their hard work and great take on the show. Of course, there are those who dislike it, but that comes with the territory of being famous. People have also left comments for requests for the next parody, which happens each time. The Hillywood Show does listen to the comments, but it will also depend on whether they get the rights to use certain songs. When doing their Breaking Dawn Part 2 parody, they had to delay the release while waiting for the permission to use Gangnam Style.

The Hillywood Show now tour to promote their hard work, and have appeared at a number of conventions. It just shows that a little hard work and determination, along with talent, can make someone famous. There is still much more to come, but here is the The Walking Dead musical by The Hillywood Show to enjoy for now.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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