Venom Movie May Be in Trouble


Known as one of Spider-Man‘s greatest and most recognizable villains, the alien symbiote Venom was getting his time to shine in a stand-alone movie, but it may be in trouble. Writer and producer Alex Kurtzman was set to take on the much-anticipated movie. Backed by Sony Entertainment and Marvel, news of the Venom movie followed the unveiling of Marvel’s Phase Three project. With the success of the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, it was only a matter of time before Marvel started exploring some of the iconic characters in the Spider universe but this is not the first time a Venom movie has been in the works and later axed.


Originally teased inclusion in 2007’s Spider-Man 3, plans to produce a spin-off flick featuring Venom quickly surfaced. In 2008, producer Avi Arad reassured fans’ speculations and confirmed that a Venom movie was in the works. The movie was set to take place in the same universe as the Spider-Man trilogy and feature Eddie Brock as the main protagonist. Considering that Brock‘s character supposedly died at the end of Spider-Man 3, the news was a bit confusing for inquiring minds to believe. Production for the movie continued for years with no finished product in sight or no release date confirmed. Fans began to lose hope and, in turn, so did the studio because the revamped Amazing Spider-Man became the studios main focus. Ruining fans hopes to see a justified Venom role, hopefully erasing the memory of Topher Grace’s unflattering portrayal, the news just further showed Sony’s disinterest and disorganization.

Fans’ hopes were later revived when rumors surfaced that Sony and Marvel were taking another chance on the antihero. As a small easter egg in Amazing Spider-Man 2, Venom was referenced on one of Oscorp’s computers. Though missed by many, it is clear that Sony is still trying to keep hope alive and tease fans in the process. Flash Thompson, who has donned the Venom symbiote in the comics, has already been introduced to movie goers in the first revamp and could easily be set up as an antagonist to Peter Parker. Similar to Electro in the latest film, Thompson is a huge fan of Spider-Man and his obsession could possibly turn to hate with the tampering of the alien symbiote on his mind. Guess only time will tell whether that is the route that Sony chooses to take.

According to a recent articles, the Venom flick has undergone some dramatic changes. Originally planned by writer Kurtzman to be a darker spin on the Spider-Man franchise, the movie is yet again on the verge of being just another good idea that fails to launch. It seems that Sony just is not ready to prepare the world for what the villain may have to offer or they may wish to focus more on further building the Spider-Man brand. Considering Amazing Spider-Man 2 received mixed-to-negative reviews and the sequel was pushed back to 2018, Sony could be looking to draw attention to the upcoming Sinister Six movie for 2016. Venom is not set to appear in that upcoming movie either. So, for now, fans can rely on seeing the villain/antihero/superhero in the comics and Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series.

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