World Trade Center Rescue Efforts Starting

World Trade Center

Rescue efforts have started for three men who are trapped on the side of the newly opened World Trade Center. The men are window washers, and became trapped, dangling at a precarious angle around 69 stories up in the air when something happened to their scaffolding. Rescuers rushed to the scene, and are now reportedly in contact with the trapped workers. Initial communications indicate that none of the men are seriously injured as a result of the accident, but they remain trapped at this moment.

Office tenants had just begun to move into the building, with the first opening their doors last week. The tower, standing 1,776 feet tall, was designed as a monument to the victims of the tragic  destruction of the  original World Trade Center towers 13 years ago. It is the tallest building on the western side of the globe. New York Fire Department officials report that the rescue teams are in place and are moving to effect the safe rescue of these men. Meanwhile, New York residents are gathered at the base to watch that dramatic effort.

By Jim Malone

mage courtesy of Jonathan Percy – Flickr License

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