Xbox Live Free Games With Gold and PlayStation Plus Games in December


Both the free Xbox live games with gold and PlayStation Plus games have been announced for the month of December, some of which are certainly not to be missed. The Xbox One once again gets one free game, while the Xbox 360 gets two. The PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita all get two games each. Those with an Xbox live gold membership or PlayStation plus membership will have the opportunity to download these titles for free during the span of December.

Starting with the Xbox One, gamers can get their hands on Worms Battlegrounds, which is the latest installment in the series of explosively silly multiplayer fun. Although the title is an excellent edition, one ponders when the Xbox One will go back to offering two games per month like the Xbox 360.

For December the Xbox 360 starts out with the lesser known Raven: The Master Thief. However, the second half of the month will offer the snowboarding extraordinaire, SSX. Twelve years after the original, SSX saw a reboot by the same name. The title breathes life back into snowboarding video games. When IGN originally reviewed the title, they said that it was “the video game this generation has been missing.”

The PlayStation 4 is still waiting for Driveclub, so in the meantime players can pick up Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition which includes downloadable characters, skins and lab missions. It is also the first AAA Blu-ray game to join the PlayStation Plus library, good thing it is the best version of the game. Additionally, the PS4 will get Secret Ponchos which is a new Wild West online game that focuses on 1-on-1 stand offs as well as 4-on-4 team matches.

For December the PlayStation 3 will be getting the Hitman HD Trilogy and Deadly Premonition: The Directors Cut. The Hitman collection features the second, third and four titles in the series, all of which work to introduce new gamers to the world of Agent 47. The Directors Cut version of Deadly Premonition only made it to the PlayStation 3 even though it added scenarios, included updated controls and enhanced HD visuals. Also only available in this version is the extended ending. This version certainly maintains all of the weird aspects of the original, while working to fix previous problems and add more fulfilling content. Anyone with a PlayStation 3 and even a slight attraction to the horror genre or odd interactions should certainly grab this title while it is free for the second half of December.

Even the PlayStation Vita gets two titles, Final Horizon and Titan Attacks! On the surface Final Horizon is a tower defense game, but under the surface the game has strategy and puzzle influences going on.Titan Attacks! is similar to the classic Space Invaders but with much more action going on.

Xbox Live games for gold and PlayStation plus members get quite a few excellent games for free this holiday season. Across Microsoft platforms fans get a total of three free games while Sony fans get twice as many when the PlayStation Vita is included.

By Garrett Jutte
PlayStation Blog
Major Nelson
Guardian LV – November

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