Yung Berg Axed From Love & Hip Hop Hollywood After Domestic Violence Act

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Rapper and producer Yung Berg has been fired from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood following his recent arrest concerning domestic violence, in which he was charged with obstruction of breathing. VH1 released a statement yesterday, November 8, in which they detailed their reasons for axing him from the show.

Network honchos said that they were extremely alarmed by the nature of Yung Berg’s arrest, and by the severity of his alleged actions. They detailed the events which were said to have gone down prior to the event, and said that his termination was effective immediately. While it was confirmed that the incident had occurred following a reunion special being taped for L.H.H.H., they assured viewers that it was several hours afterwards and that nobody in the production crew or the like were in any way associated with the 29-year-old’s alleged violent act towards his girlfriend, Masika Tucker.

The incident in question occurred early Wednesday morning at New York City’s Gershwin Hotel, following said taping for the aforementioned reunion special. The pair had reportedly racked up quite a bill for their alcohol beverage choices throughout the night, and conflict arose when it came time for Yung Berg to pay the bill. The Chicago native’s credit card was immediately declined, and he is said to have flown into a rage over not having the finances to settle up. He subsequently stormed off and made his way back to the pair’s hotel room, with Tucker right behind him. When they arrived in the room, his girlfriend informed him that she had already paid the tab and went on to reprimand him for leaving her alone at the table following the rejection of his card.

It was then that the violent attack was said to have ensued, with Yung Berg allegedly pinning the woman to the bed by her neck and then dragging her out of the room by her hair. The man is said to have continued to assault after this, going on to choke Tucker until the incident was broken up by the appropriate authorities. She informed police that she was in pain, and it was noted that she had a significant amount of bruising/cuts over her body following Yung Berg’s attack. In the criminal complaint documents she filed against her boyfriend, Tucker claimed that she had multiple lacerations; one above her left eyebrow, one to her chest, and one to her right forearm. Since then, however, she has attributed his alleged actions merely to too much alcohol and insists that this kind of behavior is completely out of the ordinary for him.

Upon being arrested at the scene and brought to an NYC police station, Yung Berg managed to get the obstruction of breathing charged dropped and was subsequently hit with four separate charges instead. These include three counts of assault, and one count of harassment. His sentencing has yet to be revealed, and it is not yet known whether he is likely to serve any jail time for the incident. Tucker has since forgiven him, however, and the two are still in a relationship.

It remains to be seen whether VH1 will rethink their decision to fire Yung Berg from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood following his arrest for domestic violence in NYC. For the time being, however, network executives say that his termination is indefinite.

By Rebecca Grace

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