Gabrielle Union Nude Leak Says She Did Nothing Wrong



Gabrielle Union has finally spoken about that nude leak and she says she did nothing wrong. In an essay she wrote for the December issue of Cosmopolitan the Being Mary Jane star points out that if the stolen photos had been of non celebrities then the media and the Internet would have been full of outrage. She may well be correct in her assumptions. Certainly the hundred celebrity women who were targeted by the hacker were all famous and the vast majority received the helpful advice that they should not have taken nude photos of themselves.

The 42 year old actress and former model relates how she learned of the theft right after she married Dwayne Wade. The Bring it On actress speaks of her anger and confusion about how pictures that had been taken years before and deleted could be stolen. Gabrielle did not have her photographs shared as quickly as the other targeted female celebs. Union revealed that while she and Dwayne were on their “family-moon” she learned of her pictures hitting the net and she confesses that she “just froze.”

The performer told Abigail Pesta how this is not the first time she has been “violated.” The actress spoke of being raped by a stranger while she was in college and how she helped to get the man convicted. Union relates how she called her lawyers and reps asking them to take the photos down and that she felt the entire episode was a hate crime against women. Gabrielle talked of her pain over Meagan Good being targeted as well. A friend that she says is more like a sister to her. She labels the nude leak as an attack and says that she did nothing wrong in showing her naked body to her husband and states that just because she did that, not everyone is entitled to see it.

Union was named to the National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women and she started drafting a statement to the press the night that her nude photos appeared on the Internet. Gabrielle says she did not like the public stance on the situation, which was that a group of narcissistic famous sex pots got just what “they deserved” for being stupid. The Think Like a Man Too actress points out that no one deserves to have their privacy invaded and that personal moments are intimate parts of their life that belong to them alone.

The actress talks of not wanting to leave her hotel room the day after releasing her first angry statement to the press and how when she and her family flew home from their family vacation the photographers in the airport high fived her and declared that they were on her side, or as they put it on “Team Gab.” Gabrielle also says that she is not buying Apple’s explanation that iCloud was not to blame, she feels there is a lot more going on in this sexual crime than meets the eye and she wants to find out who is responsible.

Gabrielle Union speaks to Cosmopolitan about the nude lead and more in the December 2014 issue and she says she did nothing wrong. She finishes by stating that people who are violated will still have the same dreams but that nothing will really be the same. Her advice is that the subject of the violation should take that knowledge and change things and most important of all they should talk to people and just keep going.

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  1. Ok, seriously, how many more cyber hacks is it going to take for people to just simply stop taking nude photos of themselves? What is the purpose of them, even if you don’t intend for the public to see, that you’re so hot? Yes, indeed you are 100% hot… hot mess that is, and completely full of yourself! Ladies, if you really love and respect your body, keep your nakedness to yourself. And if your man is continually pressuring you for nude pics, dump him immediately and kick his sorry butt to the curb. You don’t need any of that horse poo in your life.

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