American Airlines Flight Diverted To Jamaica

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American AIrlines

An American Airlines flight has been diverted to Kingston, Jamaica mid-flight according to a report just coming out. Flight 916, originating in Bogota, Colombia, was originally scheduled to land in Miami, Florida. The plane experienced what has been described as a “pressurization issue,” during the flight, and it was determined that they should land as soon as possible. The flight was diverted to Kingston to make a landing.

No details have yet emerged about what may have caused the issue, or even what the specifics of the issue might be. The report did not indicate whether or not anyone on board the plane had been injured as a result of the problem. Authorities on the ground will make a full investigation and more details are expected to emerge as they are able to interview the passengers and crew. It is not yet known whether the problem with pressurization will complicate the landing process in Jamaica, but getting the American Airlines flight safely on the ground is currently the first priority.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of m01229 – Flickr License