Pennsylvania Police Chase Causes Fatality


A police chase in Delaware County, Pennsylvania ended with the vehicle being pursued causing a head-on collision while attempting to go around another car. One fatality has been reported, as well as several other injuries in what ended up as a multi-car accident. The crash took place in Glenolden, Pennsylvania on South Chester Pike by the 100 block.

It has not been reported yet whether it was the driver of the vehicle being chased or someone from one of the other vehicles involved who has died. Several other injuries were reported, but no word has been released about the severity of those injuries or the conditions of the patients. South Chester Pike has currently been closed down by police as they attempt to clear the accident and investigate the scene.  No report has been made on why the car was being pursued by police, or the identity of the driver. More information is expected to be released shortly as the investigation continues.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of dfirecop – Flickr License

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