‘RHOA’ Star Porsha Williams Arrested for Speeding

Porsha Williams, star of Bravo’s hit reality television series Real Housewives of Atlanta, has been arrested for speeding. The incident occurred earlier today, December 29th.

The 33-year-old was reportedly barreling down an Atlanta freeway doing 78 mph in a zone which the speed limit dictated 55, when authorities noticed how fast she was traveling and subsequently signaled for her to pull the vehicle over for them to investigate the matter further. Cops subsequently placed the Georgia native under arrest and took her to the closest jail. Shortly after being booked, she reportedly paid a total of $1,726 in bail and was released forthwith.

This is not the first time Williams has faced an altercation with the law. Back in April of this year, she was charged with assault and subsequently had a warrant issued for her arrest, the aftermath of a vicious attack she inflicted on fellow cast-mate Kenya Moore during a reunion special for the show’s most recent season at the time. Moore called 911 almost immediately after the attack took place, and given that the assault took place on live television there was not much investigating the police had to do in order to back up the woman’s story.

Williams turned herself into the Fulton County Sheriff’s station two days later, and was booked for simple battery (a misdemeanor assault.) Her mug shot caught headlines due to the bizarre amount of effort she put in to look glamorous, with full hair and makeup having been done before the picture was taken, despite the fact that she was being taken to a jail cell. Her stint in prison did not last long, however, as she was released immediately after posting 2k in bail money.

Williams has not been having the best year. Just a few months ago, she was demoted to “friend” status on RHOA after producers reportedly got fed up with her erratic behavior and alleged lack of original storylines. She was supposed to remain a full cast member even despite the aforementioned blowout with Moore, but network executives eventually decided to put her role as a cast member on a back burner until she got her act together and started contributing more to the show’s core entertainment value. Williams’ temper became an issue producers could not longer avoid after they tried to get the pair to patch things up before the filming of the new season, only to have another fight almost break out. Williams also alleged tried to go after one of the new cast members as well, Claudia Jordan.

As well as this, Bravo honchos say that as much as they tried to get new information on the ex-wife of Kordell Stewart, there were certain things she refused to come clean about and therefore left them scrambling for a new spin to put on her storyline. Williams later put the production crew on blast over this decision, saying that she was not going to apologize for not making up fabulous new aspects of her personality just to keep things interesting when her goal was to be her true self and tell the public nothing but the actual facts of her life.

RHOA star Porsha Williams was arrested earlier today for speeding down a highway in Atlanta, Georgia. There is no word yet as to whether her recent run-in with the law will affect her already demoted status on the Bravo reality show.

By Rebecca Grace

Atlanta Journal Constitution

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