Anna Kendrick the Movie Musical Queen of 2015 [Videos]


Anna Kendrick is one of Hollywood’s most promising performers on the rise to super stardom and it seems that she is destined to become the movie musical queen of 2015. The actress has an impressive body of work in theatre and film and it seems that those two worlds will be colliding multiple times within the coming year.

One can dub Kendrick as the movie musical queen due to the fact that the actress actually has at least three major films releasing within the next year that heavily feature her vocal chops by storytelling through song. This Christmas, the first of these aforementioned films will hit theaters around the world and that is the highly anticipated Into the Woods directed by Rob Marshall.

Into the Woods is based on the Broadway stage musical of the same name and stars Kendrick alongside the likes of an all-star cast comprised of iconic actors like Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp. Kendrick takes on the role of the well-known character of Cinderella in the film and the princess in this version of the tale is rather different than the conventional Disney tale the common public knows Cinderella to be. A clip of the actress singing one of Cinderella’s solo songs “On the Steps of the Palace” was recently released, receiving mostly positive reception on social media, exciting audiences to see the film even more.

The next of Kendrick’s musical films is also based on a Broadway musical, the two-person show from 2002 titled The Last Five Years. Renown theatre performers Sherie Rene Scott and Norbert Leo Butz originated the roles on Broadway that Kendrick and fellow actor Jeremy Jordan will play in the movie. Jordan was nominated for a Tony Award for originating the role of Jack Kelly in Newsies on Broadway and was a recurring character on the second season of the musical TV show SMASH. The story of The Last Five Years tells the tale of a failed romance between a successful writer and a struggling actress through song.

Another very highly anticipated musical endeavor that Kendrick will star in next year is the sequel to 2012’s Pitch Perfect. The film is based at Barden University where an unlikely group of individuals come together to form the ultimate a cappella singing group that competes for the college. The movie also starred comedic actress Rebel Wilson from Bridesmaids and Brittany Snow from Hairspray. Pitch Perfect 2 will take the a cappella group to compete at a worldwide singing competition, promising many more laughs and exciting musical numbers. The sequel was also directed by Elizabeth Banks, one of the actresses from the original film, who also stars in The Hunger Games franchise.

Kendrick is among one of the most diverse stars in Hollywood with a great amount of experience that began at a very young age. The actresses was nominated for a Tony award at only twelve years old. Her performance in the Broadway show High Society was what garnered her the nod and the actress simply thrived from there.

As Anna Kendrick takes on the title of movie musical queen in 2015, one must wonder where the star’s career will sky-rocket to next. The trailers for the aforementioned films can be viewed below.

Opinion by Cody Collier

New York Post

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