Bojack Horseman Christmas Special Episode Arrives on Netflix

Bojack Horseman

The television series Bojack Horseman has already finished its first season with a total of 12 episodes, however, one more has been added to the show. Just in time for the holidays, the extra episode is none other than a Christmas special, one that focuses on the eighties family sitcom, Horsin’ Around.

The series was greenlit for a second season less than a week after it debuted back in August. Critics received it rather strangely. Some were unimpressed with the show while others watched the season over and over. Regardless of how people feel about it, this episode is less about the series and more of a fun walk through the park into the show that propelled Bojack into the television spotlight.

The episode involves Todd waking up Bojack on Christmas. After some convincing (nagging) Bojack folds and accepts Todd’s invitation to watch one of the Christmas episodes from his old show, Horsin’ Around. As the two sit down to watch the episode, “Sabrina’s Christmas Wish,” so does the viewer. Todd does talk during the feature a bit, as is expected of his character.

The episode was released without warning and is actually separate from the Bojack Horseman on Netflix, as it is specifically listed as a Christmas special. Not everyone thinks Christmas episodes are a great idea, even Bojack calls the concept a, “cynical cash grab.” In reality, few online shows, (especially Netflix originals) are releasing holiday themed episodes outside of the original running of the show. Staying relevant with the world today can be difficult for television shows, but Bojack Horseman manages to make quite a few nodes to issues and topics of current times. Making episodes that try to tackle the issue of relevancy can be pretty easy when holiday themed episodes are concerned.

While it is known that the second season is being worked on, it is comforting to see how well the cast is still working together. Most of the characters are vacant from this episode, but Aaron Paul, Will Arnett and Kristen Schaal bring their charm back to the table and even include a few nods to jokes originally from Bojack Horseman.

This Christmas special is actually less of the show Bojack Horseman and more Horsin’ Around. While this might not sound extraordinarily exciting at first, it does offer an insight into the show the Bojack spends the best nine years of his life working on. Through out the season Horsin’ Around is often referenced and talked about, as it is the biggest claim to fame the Bojack has, the viewer only gets small glimpses of the show in action. Actually, the intro to Horsin’ Around can be found on Netflix. Even though Bojack and Todd watch the Christmas special on Christmas day, viewers do not have to, the special is already on Netflix and can be viewed at the leisure of the viewer. If this special sounds appealing, grab a smoodie, a friend, and an episode of Christmas cheer.
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