California Hit-And-Run Driver Strikes 12 Kills One


In California, on Wednesday night, a Redondo Beach driver who was driving under the influence struck at least 12 pedestrians and killed one, according to a Breaking News report by CBS News in Los Angeles. Some of the other pedestrians are in critical condition, so the death toll could rise.

The driver, who was arrested by the police on a DUI charge,struck the pedestrians with his vehicle as they were walking in an intersection in the city of Redondo Beach, California. Preliminary information that has been released is that the vehicle was northbound on the Pacific Coast Highway.

After the vehicle struck the group of at least 12 pedestrians in the intersection at Vincent Street, that was not the end of the destruction. The driver of the vehicle continued on until smashing head-on into another vehicle.

There is no word yet if the driver of the vehicle which struck 12 pedestrians and has killed one was injured in the tragic incident.

The driver was detained by police. It wasn’t clear if the driver was injured in the incident. Updates will follow as more information becomes available.

Written By Douglas Cobb

CBS News
Photo by Bruce Evans – Flickr License

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