Chelsea Could Capture Busquets Before United


Several Premier League clubs are reportedly watching closely the contract negotiations between Barcelona and Sergio Busquets with an eye to capture him for their squads in the transfer window, but some reports are saying that Chelsea has the advantage over Manchester United and Arsenal in the race to lure him away. Busquets is reportedly unhappy with his current situation, and ripe for an offer. It has been said that he has some philosophical differences with manager Luis Enrique, creating an opportunity to offer him a chance to transfer to the Premier League.

Chelsea, at the top of the league standings and in the driver’s seat going into the transfer break, look to be the top contender for Busquets at the current time. Aside from his options in the Premier League, however, Busquets is also being reportedly courted by Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Bayern Munich. Said to be exploring all of his options, the Spanish international appears to have plenty.

One thing giving Chelsea a perceived edge in the process, aside from their position in the standings, is the squad he would be joining. If manager Jose Mourinho gets his way, adding Busquets to the already formidable Cesc Fabregas and Nemanja Matic in the midfield would create a dream team of talent in the middle at Stamford Bridge. For a player to be able to know that they are not only just about guaranteed to go to the Champions League next year, but that they are in a position to help take their team to the Premier League title with the support of talent on the level of Fabregas and Matic, with a target up front like Diego Costa, is a very tempting prospect. Mourinho will likely present the possibilities exactly that way when he pitches Busquets. In this battle of heavy-hitters, the approach will need to be about more than just the money, as all comers will likely pay that.

The move would almost certainly mean that John Obi Mikel would be relegated to a sideline role, likely to pursue a transfer elsewhere in order to maintain a starting role somewhere other than with Chelsea. This close to the first title since 2010, Mourinho will not be sparing anyone’s feelings in his pursuit of silverware.

Though Louis van Gaal has been reported as being close to making an offer on Busquets, the prevailing opinion is that there is not enough to offer him at United compared to the possibilities that Chelsea might offer him. United, with Rooney temporarily in the midfield with a supporting cast somewhat less appealing that Mourinho’s presents a less appealing prospect objectively. Certainly, it is too soon to say what anyone will do, but the advantage does appear to belong to Chelsea.

If Barcelona is unable to come to a contract deal with Busquets, January will see this flurry of suitors descend upon him. While not a certainty by any means, the current situation would indicate that Chelsea supporters are at least somewhat justified in their optimism with respect to adding a strong piece to their midfield team.

Commentary By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of In Mou We Trust – Flickr License

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