Chinese Court Jails Pilot Three Years for 2010 Crash



A pilot was sentenced to three years in jail by a Chinese court for his role in a plane crash in 2010 in Heilongjiang province. The Henan Airlines plane crash resulted in the deaths of 44 passengers, according to a Breaking News report by BBC News.

The pilot, Captain Qi Quanjun, had 96 people aboard the plane he was flying. After it caught on fire, the captain overshot the runway at Yichun airport.

The Chinese court ruled that Captain Qi Quanjun was negligent and he broke official rules and protocol by attempting to land the plane despite poor visibility conditions. According to state media reports, the captain should not have tried to land the plane when he did, as visibility at Yichun airport “was below safety standards.”

Following the plane crash, the report by the state media added that the captain did not act in a way to try to save any survivors by helping the injured or adding in evacuating passengers from the plane.

The Chinese court sentenced Captain Qi Quanjun to three years in jail for his responsibility in causing the deaths of 44 passengers in a 2010 plane crash. The disaster was the worst one in China in six years.

Written By Douglas Cobb

BBC News
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