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At the first ever People Magazine Awards on Thursday night, Kate Hudson received an award for being the celebrity role model of the year. During her speech, the actress acknowledged that her own personal role model was her mother, Goldie Hawn. During her acceptance speech at the awards ceremony, the actress said that her mother was her hero and she also called her children role models to her. She said that her children were able to teach her many things. Hudson said that it was the children’s purity, the way they are able to communicate and also how they face things head on that actually was inspiring for her.

The actress has two children, ten year old Ryder and three year old Bingham and while she juggles the responsibilities of raising her two sons she also assists Hawn with Love in for Kids a nonprofit charity. These responsibilities are in addition to her filming schedule which included her work this year in Wish I Was Here, directed by Zach Braff. She is also a business woman with Fabletics, an athletic apparel line that is designed for women of every size. The Fabletics website even offers monthly picks from the actress herself.

Hudson who was recently in the news because of her breakup with fiancee and Muse singer Matt Bellamy, touched upon her recent struggles in her acceptance speech for celebrity role model. She told the audience that life was a series of ups and downs and that with the triumphs there are also challenges. She called the award an honor and proceeded to tell the audience that they should never let others push them around. Hudson said that when she found out that she would be receiving the award the first thing she did was research what a role model was. She went on to say that she was able to find one definition of what a role model is that stuck with her. In that definition a role model was described as a person that knows what is important, creates things that make a difference and also make an effort to continually improve.

The actress continued her speech by saying that it is unrealistic to try to be perfect. Instead she said that she wanted to live a fearless and authentic life. Hudson said that she wanted all young women to honor themselves and to learn who they were. She asked that others be kind and take risks while also being courageous.

In honor of her award as celebrity role model of the year, the actress was introduced by her own best friend Nicole Richie. For her introduction, Richie said that Hudson was the definition of what a role model should be. Richie went so far as to say that she considered Hudson to be someone that she respected for more than just her talent.

Hudson and Richie arrived at the awards show together and turned the evening into a girl’s night out. The two were both said to have been in great spirits for the evening and could be seen laughing on the red carpet as they walked past the photographers. Hudson even posted a picture of the two of them together on her Instagram as they were preparing for their evening. Although Hudson has been in the news recently for her break up she was still in good spirits Thursday night as she received her award for celebrity role model of the year.

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