Chris Christie Governor Making News Again

Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey, is making news again. This time it is not for his political platform, or at least not obviously so. The Governor appears to be making news this time around as a result of his favorite NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys.

The often-controversial Governor was in attendance on Dec. 14 to witness a game between two NFC East powerhouse teams, the Dallas Cowboys (10-4) and the Philadelphia Eagles (9-5). The game was big for both clubs because not only did it represent a battle for first place in the tough NFC East division, but it also held playoff implications for both teams as the 2014 NFL season winds down.

The New Jersey Governor could not have shown any more  jubilation on national TV than he did for the on-field-successes of the Cowboys during the Sunday night contest. Moreover, Christie sat in a luxury box with Dallas Cowboy owner Jimmy Jones at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA, where he visually snubbed the Eagles. This resulted in enraging a number of Philly and New Jersey Eagles fans.

Greg Shields, 24, a fan from Drexel Hill, PA said the first thing he thought of after witnessing Christie’s immoderate celebrations was, “I might not actually vote for him if I had the opportunity. [Christie] rubbed me…the wrong way.” Shields, a number of Philly fans and some New Jersey political constituents have been sending Tweets criticizing the Governor’s over-the-top luxury box celebrations and for having the audacity to sit with Jones while present in Philadelphia Eagles’ territory.

The New Jersey politician claims that he is a long time Cowboys fan. In his words, “I’m [just] another fan.” He goes on to say he had an allegiance to the Dallas Cowboys even before he became the Governor of New Jersey and believes he will remain a Cowboys fan long after his political days are over.

According to news reports, a few fans who sat below Jones’ luxury box became angry enough with Christie to shoot off choice words too harsh to be appropriate for family television viewing. The Governor did not seem overly bothered by the fans’ ire as it is part of the game, he said. He also said that he owes no one an apology for showing spirit for his favorite NFL team.

Nevertheless,  Bob Holt from NJ News Room Jersey wrote that Governor Christie crossed the line again last Sunday night at Lincoln Financial Field by fraternizing publicly with the enemy and making excessive gestures in appreciation of a rival. Another Eagle loyalist referred to the Governor’s behaviors as an “impeachable offense.”

Ed Rendell, former Governor of Pennsylvania, also had harsh words for Christie. Rendell described the New Jersey Governor’s jubilant endorsement of the Cowboys as “a pathetic inferiority complex” that showcases insecurities for those that reside in Jersey or Pennsylvania and root for Texas.

Councilman Jim Kenney from Philadelphia went a bit deeper in showing his displeasure with Christie via Twitter. Making news, the Councilman tweeted Governor Christie was a “creep and kissing Texas’ [butt] again for 2016.” Furthermore, local taxpayers paid for the luxury box Christie sat his [large derriere] in to cheer for the Dallas Cowboys. During what turned out to be a verbal lashing for Christie at the hands of Eagles loyalist, the Philadelphia Eagles also fell to the Dallas Cowboys that night 38-27.

By D’wayne Stanelli

NJ Newsroom Jersey
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Photo courtesy of Tim Larsen – Flickr

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