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EvansChris Evans not only plays a super hero on the big screen but he is also one in real life. The actor who plays Captain America in the live action movies from Marvel was recently in Boston for a fundraising event at Fenway Park for a local charity known as Christopher’s Haven. The charity is a residential facility for children with cancer as well as their families to live while they are battling the disease.

While he was in town to visit family for the holidays and help with the fundraiser, Evans decided to pay a surprise visit to one of the residents’ of Christopher’s Haven. Kenny Botting is a nine year old boy suffering from a brain tumor and has been staying at the facility with his mother and sister while he undergoes treatment at one of the local hospitals. On Monday, Botting got a huge surprise when Evans made a surprise appearance in his room. The Executive Director of Christopher’s Haven, Joyce Duvall was concerned that Botting might not recognize Evans without his signature Captain America shield but as soon as the actor walked into the room, the boy lit up with recognition.

Not only did Evans act as a real life hero to Botting by bringing him gifts but the actor spent time with the young boy and his family. The actor signed autographs, took pictures and spent time with the family at the facility. Botting even gave Evans a tour of the residential facility.

When asked about his visit to Christopher’s Haven, Evans said that the strength that he sees with these children actually gives him strength. The actor said that even when he has his own hurdles to face and overcome, he knows that it is nothing in comparison to what these families have to live with every day. He said that it makes a person feel thankful that no one in their personal life is dealing with the same struggles. Evans said that it is heartbreaking to see these families struggling with these illnesses and that it is impossible to imagine what type of an ordeal this is unless one is already going through it. He also said that any way that he can bring a smile to their faces then it is entirely worth it.

Botting also had something to say about the surprise visit from Evans. The nine year old said that he was more than just happy. He also said that he wanted to let the actor know that he was thankful for his visit and the time that he spent with him and his family.

Evans will be back on the big screen in his super hero role in May 2015 when the next Avengers movie hits theaters but in the meantime in real life he is already a hero to children like Botting. The actor said that he was always happy to come home and he now finds it is a way to recharge after filming. He believes that by coming home to his native state rather than LA it reminds him of who he is as a person.

By Kimberley Spinney


Movie Pilot
The Boston Globe

Photo By Ricky Brigante – Flickr License

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