Suspect ID’d in Stabbing Attack of Natalie Guercio’s Boyfriend London Rene

A suspect has been identified in the recent stabbing of London Rene, boyfriend of Mob Wives star Natalie Guercio. The man in question still has not been caught, but authorities have issued several warnings to the public to be on the lookout for him. The reality television star is also helping out on the case as best she can.

Rodolpho “Rudy” Lopez is being sought out by police for Sunday’s attack on Rene. Guercio has since taken to Instagram to share an update of the situation, urging anybody who has seen the man or has any information pertaining to his whereabouts to call either the tip line listed or 911.

The 32-year-old was at her boyfriend’s side when the horrific attack went down. The pair was enjoying a night out at Output nightclub in Brooklyn, New York, when the man who is believed to be Lopez approached them and struck without any warning whatsoever. He allegedly took a box cutter to the side of Rene’s face, slashing it to the point that the man had extremely deep abrasions, with authorities giving the statement that he was lucky to be alive following the incident. The weapon in question was also used to injure the victim’s left arm and abdomen; in total, Rene needed well over 200 stitches in order to recover from the attack. Lopez fled the scene immediately after inflicting said violence, and was well out of sight by the time police arrived at the vicinity.

When the investigation began, Guercio’s boyfriend was in no way hesitant to admit that his attack was not a stranger to him in the slightest, and that the two had most certainly come into contact with each other before. Although he would not give details to who the man was or why he had inflicted such a vicious attack on him, Rene has since told TMZ that he believes it had something to do with a long-standing rumor that had been going around about Lopez for quite some time. He did not, however, elaborate as to what this rumor was or why the notion of it would enlist such a fierce display of violence.

Mob Wives is a VH1 reality television series that showcases the stories of five women, including Guercio, and how they cope with everyday life after their husbands or fathers have been put away for various crimes related to the Mafia. The show is currently in its fifth season, which debuted at the beginning of December. The show was subject to mixed reviews; while many thought that it was a refreshing change from the typical Real Housewives type franchise in terms of the grit and seriousness of what these women actually go through, others saw the series as nothing but a bunch of unpleasant women involved in incredibly nasty situations that no sane person would want to put themselves through watching.

It remains to be seen whether suspect Rodolpho Lopez, a.k.a. “Rudy”, will be located and questioned over the aforementioned slashing of Natalie Guercio’s love interested London Rene. As of right now, however, the man is still on the run.

By Rebecca Grace

NY Daily News