‘Criminal Minds’ to Produce Another Spinoff for Fall 2015 Lineup

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Criminal Minds is set to produce another spinoff of the series, recent reports have stated. The new series, which has yet to receive a title, will likely be added to next year’s CBS fall lineup if everything goes as planned.

The premise of the show will reportedly be introduced via the original series itself, as there is a plan to introduce the spinoff team using a crossover type of episode said to occur sometime in the current season of Criminal Minds. In season 10’s upcoming 19th episode, which will presumably air near the end of March provided no kind of hiatus hits the series at that time. The planted episode, also known as a backdoor pilot, will showcase the new team of profilers and explain the way in which they do the work they have been assigned to complete by the FBI. Unlike the crew of Quantico, Virginia, these new profiles make their career by traveling the globe in order to assist Americans abroad with whatever criminal crisis they may be enduring at that point in time. Much like the original Criminal Minds cast, they achieve their goal by working with local law enforcement present in the town they have arrived in to rectify the situation.

Said crossover episode will be written by current show runner Erica Messer, who writes the majority of the hit CBS crime drama’s episodes at the current time. Production of the untitled spinoff will hopefully commence in February, this according to inside network sources. Casting of the show has yet to be determined, although network executives are said to be eying various potential choices extremely carefully as of right now. There is not yet any word on who producers may or may not want to be cast in said spinoff.

The decision to attempt creation of another Criminal Minds themed show comes three years after the somewhat significant failure of the first one, entitled Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. The first spinoff included veteran actor Forest Whittaker as the lead actor, followed by Janeane Garofolo and Matt Ryan as co-stars. Original cast member Kirsten Vangsness reprised her role as Penelope Garcia, the BAU’s technical analyst. The series fell victim to less than stellar ratings and dismal reviews, as CM fans did not feel that the spinoff was anywhere near the level that the original series had achieved at the time of production. After only 13 episodes being aired mid-season, the show was canceled by the network due to the aforementioned less than warm welcome it faced from the public following its debut.

The upcoming Criminal Minds spinoff is not the only one that CBS has ordered for the upcoming year. A new series entitled CSI: Cyber is set to hit the air on March 4th, 2015. This is following NCIS: New Orleans, which premiered earlier this fall and has reportedly been subject to a full season order based on extreme public enthusiasm towards the remake.

It remains to be seen whether or not the newest spinoff of Criminal Minds will be more successful than the last. A release date and cast list have yet to be revealed.

By Rebecca Grace

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