Elon Musk Further Advances EV Transportation

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Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla Motors, continues to further advancements of the transportation world with a new announcement regarding his Tesla Model S car. Some have likened Musk to that of a real world Tony Stark, the Marvel Comics billionaire playboy who is actually the Avenger, Iron Man, and his latest invention should add to that comparison.

Musk announced on Twitter, a place he loves to make announcements regarding either Tesla or SpaceX or whatever, a new type of charger for the Model S cars. He tweeted that Tesla Motors is developing tech that would allow a charger automatically snake out of the consumers wall and automatically plug into the back of the Model S, charging the car. The would totally eliminate the need for the owner to manually plug the car back in to charge each night.

Some speculate that this will be similar to the arms of another Marvel Comic character, Doctor Octopus, who had four robotic arms to help him do his evil bidding. Unlike Doc Ocs evil robotic arms, this arm would help to save the environment by helping to plug a users EV in to charge.

It appears the idea behind the robotic snake charger is to continue to make Tesla cars appear more convenient and fool-proof. After all, automatically charging the car would avoid the excuse of a user forgetting to plug their car in at night, leaving them stranded the next morning.

It is not the first idea from Musk about an autonomous feature for his flagship vehicle. Earlier in the year, Musk announced auto drive, which will eventually allow the Model S, and presumably the forthcoming Model X and Model 3 vehicles, the ability to automatically check a calendar, know when the owner has to be somewhere, automatically pull out of the garage and to the front door, ready with the quickest route possible already programmed into the GPS.

It appears that Musk plans this new snake auto charger to work with all Model S’s. The idea that it is backwards compatible, goes a long way in making the charger desirable to current owners of the 5+2 EV. It is another way Musk shows how he is just not trying to entice new customers to his cars, but also takes care of the existing customers, as he recently showed with the Roadster 3.0 software upgrade, which extends the range of the over 2000 two-seat EV’s that sold between 2006 and 2012 by nearly 50 percent.

With the continuing further advancements Musk is making for EV transportation, he continues to make it more appealing to a broader range of consumers. However, it is not clear when the charger will be available, and when it will be available for home. Some feel the charger may debut at Musk’s Supercharger stations prior to being available for home use, which would usher in a new version of the full service filling station from days past. Then again, the auto charger may be an exclusive to users at home only.

While it is currently unclear when or where the new metal snake charger will be available or for how much, Musk continues to advance EV technology to new levels, making the transportation community take notice. Now Musk just needs to release a EV that is affordable to the world and not just a high-priced luxury vehicle.

By Carl Auer

ABC News
Tech Crunch
Photo courtesy of Tesla Motors