Ferry Outside Greece Catches Fire, One Dies



Sunday afternoon, a ferry outside of Greece caught fire with passengers on board. One man trying to escape was killed in the attempt while the rest remained on board, hoping for rescue.

The ship left from Greece and was headed for Italy. The ferry was carrying more than 400 passengers and 50 crew members. The fire broke out in the morning, likely starting in the garbage area and spreading from there.

According to one passenger, those on board were waiting for rescue on the upper deck. With heat at their feet and smoke rising up, many were in a bad position. Fortunately, the Italian Navy led the search and rescue mission to save the passengers. At least eight boats and a number of helicopters sped to the site.

The individual that was killed tried to escape from the upper deck and ultimately died jumping from the ferry. It was reported that only a few others had been injured.

By Garrett Jutte

Photo by Leonora Enking – Flickr Licence