Germany Bus Accident Kills 4 Injures 40


Authorities are reporting that a bus of senior citizens touring Germany was involved in an accident that has killed at least four people and left 40 injured. According to the tour operators, a company from Rhineland-Palatinate, the bus was en route from Baden-Wuerttemberg to Leipzig on the A4. The bus was struck at high speed by another car travelling east between Kirchheim and Bath Hersfeld, sending it careening. Several passengers were trapped under the bus and police in Germany report that there may still be some passengers unaccounted for.

A police representative gave an initial report indicating that there was as yet no word on what caused the driver to hit the bus in the manner that it did. A full investigation is still underway. No specifics were given about the nature or severity of the injuries sustained to the 40 passengers currently counted as survivors. More information, including an updated casualty count, is expected as the scene is cleared and the details of the accident are ascertained.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Bernd – Flickr LIcense

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