Google Nexus 5 Production Stops

Google Nexus 5

Google has confirmed that the production of its Google Nexus 5 is stopping. The aim is to push people towards the Nexus 6, which was released just last month. This month has seen the Google Nexus 6 hit UK stores.

There will certainly be some people annoyed at this news. The Google Nexus 5 was recently released in India, and people took to it in droves. It is also more affordable that its replacement, along with much smaller.

Google released the Nexus 5 last year as a way to compete with Apple’s iPhone 5S. While the Western world saw people mainly preferring the Apple phone, developing parts of the world saw Google on the rise with its Nexus device. The main benefit is that it is a cheaper model, but still offers good tech.

There are still some of the Nexus 5 models available. However, a spokesperson for the tech giant confirmed that once they are gone that is all that is left. The production has fully come to a halt, as the company focuses on the bigger and better technology. There are a small number of black versions available on the Play Store. Most of the stores are now out of the white and red versions. There are still some 16GB and 32GB versions available.

Android 4.4 KitKat was released at the same time as the handset. However, that has also recently received an update. Many Android users are now on the 5.0 Lollipop operating system. This was released with the Google Nexus 6.

Google has confirmed that the production of the Google Nexus 5 has come to a complete stop. There will be no more handsets made at all.

That could cause problems for the company. People do not necessarily want the larger replacement, which has a 6-inch screen. The Google Nexus 6 allowed the tech giant to enter the phablet market, and went up against Samsung’s Galaxy Note range and Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus. While there is certainly a market, there are still people who want something smaller like the Google Nexus 5. The Nexus 5 is lighter too, meaning people can hold it with one hand easily.

Another downside is the price of the newer phone. It costs an extra $300 for the Google Nexus 6. It has become a phone for the privileged more than the one for those who want a smartphone on a budget. While the price is still a little less than Apple, many will not see much of a benefit.

It could be one of the biggest mistakes that Google has made. While the company wants to look at other options, stopping production on such a worldly popular phone could cause some financial problems. Consumers will go to the competitors that offer the smaller phones rather than put up with a larger, heavier phablet. Only those who wanted a phablet in the first place are likely to consider the Google Nexus 6. Maybe Google wants to reconsider stopping production on the Google Nexus 5 unless it is going to release something smaller very soon.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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