Drew Barrymore Puts Family Before Weight Loss

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is putting her family before her weight loss after giving birth for the second time. She told People magazine that she was in no rush to get rid of the post-baby weight. She is not the first celebrity mom to put her family first, either. There are now many showing women that there is nothing wrong with focusing on being a mom first.

According to Barrymore, she put nine months to put the weight on so it should take the same amount of time to get it off. This is a very healthy way of looking at the weight loss, and something that many health professionals advocate. However, there is still a focus on people—women especially—to lose weight quickly. There are many crash diets to support this, and airbrushing in magazines is not helping the mentality.

The actress gave birth to her second daughter eight months ago, and has not lost all the weight yet. She wanted to spend as much time with her two girls as much as possible, and that meant putting the gym off. In fact, the Wedding Singer actress told People that she did not even want to consider weight loss until she got as much out of babyhood as possible.

She does admit that it has also been difficult to lose the weight, especially with two children in the house. That is something many mothers find, and really the 39-year-old is just showing that she is a regular woman. It makes a refreshing change for Barrymore to say that she is putting family before weight loss, and that it is not easy.

As mentioned, she is not the first celebrity to put motherhood first. Criminal Minds actress Jennifer Love Hewitt also made the decision to focus on motherhood over weight loss. There was the fear that she would feel consumed to lose the weight, but that never happened once she met her daughter for the first time. She simply enjoyed her time with her first child, but she has said it caused some problems now that she is back on screens. She started to feel pressured to lose her baby weight, as much as it originally did not bother her.

Barrymore has said that hearing how others lost the baby weight quickly was off-putting. She finds weight loss extremely difficult, and she has to work very hard to do it. However, she did admit that she would put off exercise for the sake of her family. If it was a choice between her daughters or the gym, she would always choose her daughters.

Children are only young for a short period of time. It is important for mothers to spend as much time as possible with them. However, it seems harder for celebrity moms than others. There is more expectation that celebrity mothers will get the weight off quickly as role models to other mothers. Focusing on family is arguably making Barrymore, Hewitt and other celebrity moms better role models. Putting family before weight loss is important, and that is just what Barrymore is doing by using her spare hours to be with her children.

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