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Haven Mid-Season Finale: Chosen (Recap/Review)


HavenHaven mid-season finale, titled Chosen, was packed with tension and action, with a huge cliffhanger in its final moments. Previous episode arose several new questions and the creators did a remarkable job in Chosen episode, since they managed to answer almost every single one of them.

After a shocking revelation that Charlotte is actually Mara’s mother, she tells Audrey that she needs her daughter. Apparently, the two of them are from another world and Charlotte wants to take Mara away and undo the damage that she did. Charlotte tells Audrey that the void separates the worlds and William and Mara took the aether from the void in order to give troubles. So, Charlotte wanted to punish her daughter and the Barn was this punishment. Dr. Cross also says that if she takes Mara back home, Audrey will be better, because the two of them cannot be in the same world at the same time. Nathan decides to find Mara, but she visits Audrey and she tells her that she wants to go into the void, but without her mother.

Meanwhile, Duke’s condition is getting worse and two tears of aether come from his eyes again. This time, he fails to catch them, so they fly and each one of them hits one person and they both become troubled. Duke visits Charlotte and when he takes off his shirt, there are hand prints all over his back and chest. When he later overhears Audrey and Charlotte talking about Mara’s demand, Crocker leaves the hospital and he visits Vince and Dave. They eventually tell Duke about the Thinny in North Carolina, so Duke calls Mara and he tells her that he can help her.

Audrey and Charlotte talk about Mara’s demand and Charlotte says that she will not allow her daughter to go into the void alone. However, Duke will explode and release all of the troubles that are inside him if Mara’s demand will not be fulfilled. Well, Charlotte has another solution, but Nathan does not like it. Apparently, another way to for Mara to turn Duke off is that Audrey helps her realize the terrible mistake that she is making. Mara’s personality has been overlaid so many times that the goodness that is inside Audrey has been leeched out of Mara. So, Audrey must be returned to Mara and when they will be recombined, Charlotte believes that Mara will choose to stop hurting people. Nathan does not like the idea that Audrey will become a part of Mara, but Charlotte tells him that Parker is sick because one life force split into two. Also, Audrey tells Nathan that this is what she wants to do, because this way, she can save everyone in Haven.

Duke and Mara meet on his boat and he tells her that he will take her to the void, but only if she agrees to take him into the void with her. Mara agrees and the two of them decide to leave with a seaplane. However, Nathan discovers that and he tells Audrey to meet him at the docks. Charlotte and Mara go there, but Mara surprises them. So, Charlotte starts talking to her and she tells her that she is like that because of what happened to her father. She admits that she should be there for him and she asks Mara if she likes feeling angry all the time. Mara tells her mother that this is just the way she is, but Charlotte wants to help her by recombining her with Audrey.

While Mara and Charlotte are having a conversation, Nathan finds Duke, who tells his friend that he will take Mara to the void, but he intends to kill her before she enters. Their conversation is interrupted by a strong wind and when they take a look, they see that Mara, Charlotte and Audrey are kneeling on the ground. A few moments later, Audrey is gone and Nathan looks devastated. Well, not for long, since it is actually Mara who is gone, not Audrey. Charlotte tells Nathan that Mara was destroyed because of what happened to her father and that Audrey is just like Mara when she was not evil yet.

Since Mara told her mother that she already turned Duke off, it really appears that the worst is over. However, their celebration does not last long, since they see a giant cloud approaching Haven and Duke realizes that he cannot see anything anymore. His eyes get all black and in the next second, hundreds of drops of aether start flying and they soon hit every single person in Haven.

Mid-season finale of Haven surely brought a surprising twist and it left the viewers speechless. Just when it seemed that the worst is over, Duke exploded and gave troubles to every person in Haven. The show returns in 2015 and the gang will face the biggest challenge ever, since it will probably be a chaotic situation in town. With every resident of Haven having an active trouble, it will take more than just Audrey’s calm chit-chat to save the entire town.

By: Janette Verdnik