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Haven: Chemistry (Recap/Review)


HavenAfter several twists and turns, the Chemistry episode of Haven revealed Mara’s real intentions and it became obvious that Duke was just her puppet, which she used to get what she wants. It was yet another tense and great episode, with a shocking revelation in its final moments.

Audrey’s condition is getting worse and she finally tells Nathan what is going on with her. She visits Dr. Cross again, who tells her that the cell degeneration is still happening and there is nothing she can do to stop it. While Charlotte leaves her office for a while, to get a B12 shot for Audrey, Vince comes in and he tells Parker that he does not trust the doctor. He goes through her things and he finds the file with pictures of Lucy, Sarah and Veronica. Audrey decides that she will help him to discover Charlotte’s real identity, so Vince steals her car keys. The two of them take a look into Charlotte’s car and Audrey is shocked when she finds Sarah’s ring. She and Nathan have the same ring, so Parker decides to face Dr. Cross and get some answers. Well, Charlotte and Dwight are now closer than ever before, since they slept together and he is protecting her in every possible way. He still believes that she can cure the troubles and he will do just about everything to help her achieve that.

After they spent a very hot night together, Duke tells Mara that he is going into town to find the aether. Later that day, Crocker receives a phone call from Mara, who tells him that someone is in the house and by the time Duke gets there, Mara is gone. The place is all torn apart and there are signs of struggle. Duke finds a button and he takes it to Gloria, who finds Kirk’s fingerprint on it. Duke heads into Kirk’s apartment, but Nathan is already there looking for Kirk, because he is also the one who stole the remaining aether. Crocker tells Nathan that Mara can fix him, but Kirk kidnapped her and he must find her before something happens to her. After that, he hits him and leaves unconscious Nathan lying on the floor. Duke finds Kirk, but he tells him that he has no idea where Mara is. When Kirk’s blood gets onto Duke’s skin, he looses it and he chokes Kirk. Crocker than visits Kirk’s friend, but when he touches him, something strange happens. Two other guys start suffocating and it appears that Duke gave this guy Kirk’s trouble when he touched him.

Later that day, Nathan visits Duke at the Grey Gull and he tells him that he will help him, because he and Audrey both need Mara. He lets Duke know that they are still friends and that they will solve this together. Crocker receives a package and he is shocked when he opens it. There is a container where the remaining aether was stored, but instead of aether, there is Mara’s toe. In the next moment, Duke’s phone starts ringing and he tells Nathan that he has to take this call, so Wuornos leaves and tells his friend that they are now working together. Duke answers the phone and he cannot belive his ears when he hears Mara on the other side. Apparently, this was all a part of her plan. She convinced Kirk to steal the aether, made Duke believe that she wants to help him and then she even faked her kidnapping. Also, it appears that she did something to Duke, since his eyes get all black and he starts crying black tears. His tears then fly into his hand and it looks like this way, Duke can create aether. Mara tells him that he really is kind of awesome now and that she is sorry that she had to do this to him. Poor Duke. Mara really used him and made him belive that she cares, but she only took advantage of him and who knows what she did to him.

Chemistry episode of Haven closes with Audrey and Nathan, who face Charlotte. Parker wants answers, so she asks Dr. Cross how did she get the ring and why is she studying her. Charlotte tells her that she will tell her everything if she gives her ring back. Nathan gives her the ring and he is shocked when he can feel Charlotte’s touch. She tells Audrey that every member in her family has one of this rings and the biggest shocker comes when Charlotte looks at Audrey and says that she is her mother. Wait, what? Audrey’s mother? So where was she all this time? If she is her mother, then she is probably not aging either. What is her purpose? Can she really cure the troubles? Well, it now makes sense why Charlotte wore gloves in the previous episode, because if Nathan would touch her, he would feel her.

Several new questions arose with the revelation that Charlotte is Audrey’s mother. Since there is only one episode left before the mid-season finale, the creators of Haven will hopefully do their best to give the viewers at least some answers. The mid-season finale, titled Chosen, will air on Dec. 5 on Syfy.

By: Janette Verdnik