‘Real World’ Ryan Knight’s Autopsy Yields No Significant Results

The autopsy of former The Real World star Ryan Knight has yielded no significant results. The official documentation of said procedure was released to popular gossip site TMZ early Friday morning, with officials stating that no official cause of death could yet be determined in the wake of the reality television personality’s recent death.

Law enforcement authorities in the town of Kenosha, Wisconsin, have given the statement that they pulled out all the stops in terms of attempting to revive the actor upon their being called to the scene of his body. These attempts were unsuccessful, and the man was subsequently pronounced dead at the scene. They say that his body did not yield any signs of obvious injury regarding why or how he had died, and that no drugs or any kind of other illicit substances were found on or around Knight’s person when they arrived at the residence at which he passed away.

The latter statement has raised many questions in regards to the original story that broke surrounding the circumstances of the 29-year-old’s death, in that one of his companions present during the night in which he perished had previously told police that Knight had taken an unspecified amount of some unknown pills prior to his death. As well as this undisclosed amount of pill intake, the former MTV star is said to have consumed a massive amount of alcohol while spending the night partying with said associates.

Authorities involved are said to have not quite yet given up hope on determining exactly how the man died, however, based on a statement given by his father shortly after his passing occurred. The man says that his son had previously complained of a stomach ailment prior to his last night on the town, although further details surrounding this physical infliction have yet to be revealed. Knight is said to have been providing details of his troubles at least two days prior to his death. The toxicology report is still pending.

The New Orleans native passed away early Thursday morning, following a night of raucous partying with his friends. A companion who was with Knight during the group’s town hopping says that the reality star’s demeanor was nothing less than sunny prior to his death, even going so far as to say that he was overjoyed over the recent union between him and a new girlfriend which had begun very recently before the group decide to take their celebration to the streets. The group retired to an unknown individual’s residence for a post-bar celebration following the end of the club night, during which time Knight is said to have taken the aforementioned amount of unspecified pills. One of the TV star’s other friends is said to have been the one to discover Knight’s body, which reportedly showed the unmistakable signs of an individual who had tragically choked on his own vomit and subsequently died as a result of his airways being blocked.

It remains to be seen what results the impending toxicology report will yield surrounding the reasons behind Real World star Ryan Knight’s recent death. The public has not yet been given any timeframe for when these facts will be presented to the media.

By Rebecca Grace

CBS News

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