Haven: Reflections (Recap/Review)


HavenAfter is was widely speculated for quite some time now, the sparks between Duke and Mara finally happened in the Reflections episode of Haven. It was most certainly one of the most exciting episodes so far and it appears that Mara and Duke are really on their own now.

The eleventh episode of Haven opens with Dwight, who notifies Nathan that Pete’s body was found in a dumpster near the hospital. They now know that Duke killed him, since the time of Pete’s death matches the time when his trouble ended. However, they do not have time to deal with Duke now, because they have a new case. A woman’s body was just found and she literally fell apart. Despite the fact that Audrey is still sick, she starts working on a case. While she is interrogating the owner of the bakery where this woman died, Audrey starts feeling very bad. Her condition is not improving, so Nathan suggests that she should visit Dr. Cross. Parker listens to his advice and Charlotte takes her blood sample and gives her a shot of vitamin B12.

Meanwhile, Vince tells Dwight that CDC has no personnel in Haven, so this means that Dr. Cross in not who she says she is. Well, Dwight believes that she came to Haven for a reason and that she will find the cure for the troubles. When Vince tells Nathan about his discovery, the two of them decide to act on their own. Nathan visits Cross and Vince calls her to make a diversion. So, while Charlotte is outside, Nathan finds her hairbrush and takes some hair for a DNA analysis.

Duke and Mara are hiding at a remote house and his condition is worsening. After he takes a nap, he realizes that Mara managed to remove her cuffs and that she escaped. However, his phone starts ringing and it is Mara who is calling. She tells him that she really wishes to help him and when Duke tells her that he knew that he could not trust her, Mara tells him to open the door. She is standing outside and apparently, she just went to get some supplies. However, Duke still believes in his friends, so he calls Nathan and asks for his help. When Nathan tells him that because Mara cannot be trusted he will not give him the remaining aether, despite the fact that it could save Duke, he finally realizes that his friends do not have his back. Since his condition is very bad, Mara tells him to release a trouble.

Well, Duke wants to release a trouble that will not hurt people in Haven, but he releases the Egan family curse. This curse changes places into an oven and it soon becomes very hot in the house. Mara tells Duke that this trouble was released because he feels like he is completely alone, just like that little boy who had this trouble felt. After that, Mara kisses Duke and the trouble stops. Apparently, Duke finally starts believing Mara and the two of them start kissing passionately and they end up making love. Finally! The chemistry between the two of them was obvious and it was only a matter of time before they end up together. Honestly, they make a pretty good couple, despite the fact that Mara is mean and that Duke betrayed his friends. Mara is changing, since she is finally putting someone else first. It looks like her feelings are real and that she actually cares about Duke. Well, only time will tell if mean Mara can become a better person or if sleeping with Duke is just a way to get what she really wants.

Back at Haven hospital, Dr. Cross gets Audrey’s blood results and it is not looking good. Charlotte is very worried because of the protein markers in Audrey’s blood. On the cellular level, Parker is going through rapid waves of deterioration, which means that every cell in her body is degenerating. However, Audrey is feeling better, so she goes back to work. After they have another case, Parker realizes that this particular trouble changes people physically, since the life of the woman who died was falling apart and then she literally fell apart too. The other victim is actually a friend of Grace, who also works at the bakery and Samantha, who is the daughter of the bakery owner. Samantha’s mother believes that troubled people are evil and monsters, so she fires Grace, because she thinks that her trouble killed that woman. However, Audrey finds out that it is actually Samantha who is troubled. Also, it appears that because of Samantha’s trouble, Audrey’s degeneration stopped. Well, despite that, Audrey talks to Samantha and as her trouble stops, Parker starts feeling very sick again.

The Reflections episode closes with Dr. Cross, who is still at Haven hospital and she takes a file from her briefcase. A shocker comes when she opens this file and there are several pictures of Audrey’s previous personalities inside: from Sarah Vernon to Lucy Ripley. It was obvious that Charlotte is not who she says she is, but this file opens a whole bunch of new questions. What does she know? What is she really doing in Haven? What does she want from Audrey? Who is she really?

The creators of Haven did a remarkable job in the Reflections episode. They added a completely unexpected twist, just when it seemed that things cannot get more complicated. While Dr. Cross most definitely brought fresh breeze and a lot of tension into the show, Duke and Mara managed to steam the atmosphere with their romance. Haven‘s next episode, titled Chemistry, will air on Nov. 28 on Syfy.

By: Janette Verdnik