California: Hearse Stolen With Casket Right Before Funeral Services


A hearse was stolen in California, according to a pastor’s wife, with a casket inside of it, right before funeral services were held. The hearse was stolen from outside of the Southern California Ebenezer Baptist Church on Saturday, reports the AP in their Big Story, taken from the Los Angeles Times.

The hearse was idling outside the Los Angeles church, according to the Los Angeles Times, when a man got into it and drove off. At the time this occurred, the funeral director was inside, arranging flowers for 19-year-old Jonté Lee Reed, for a Saturday morning funeral service.

The wife of the pastor, Shirley Little, stated that when the funeral director noticed that the hearse was missing, he phoned up ministry friends to assist him in getting the hearse returned.

According to Little, family members of the deceased were notified about what had happened and saw the hearse about four blocks from the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where they were successful in stopping it.

Police showed up and detained the suspect, according to KTLA-TV. Charges have not been mentioned yet, perhaps pending the outcome of an evaluation of the suspect’s mental condition.

Though the hearse in California was stolen with a casket inside, right before funeral services, the hearse was returned relatively quickly. According to Shirley Little, there was only around a 30-minute delay, and after the hearse was recovered, the funeral service went off without a hitch.

Written By Douglas Cobb

AP (Big Story)
Photo by Cliff – Flickr License

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