South Korea Faxes North Korea Proposing Talks

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South Korea

In an effort to further diplomatic relations, Ryoo Kihl-jae, the Unification Minister for South Korea, has announced that his government reached out to North Korea today proposing talks for next month. In a faxed message, South Korea has reportedly extended a hand northward and proposed that representatives of the two governments meet in the next month to discuss matters of interest to both.

While no specific agenda was mentioned, the wording of the announcement suggests that the topics on the table may be limited to relations between the two countries only. No response from the North Korean government has yet been reported, and no date has been set for the potential summit. With no proposed location, no proposed agenda other than to discuss “inter-Korean” issues, and no proposed date other than somewhere in the next month, the faxed message is essentially a gesture at the moment. If North Korea were to accept the meeting, however, it could be a positive step in relations in the region.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Nathan Rein – Flickr License