Twitter Acknowledges Widespread Technical Issues


With users having reported issues for hours, Twitter has just made the announcement acknowledging that they are experiencing widespread technical issues in a couple of areas. The tweet about the problem came around 9:15 pm Eastern time, and stated that they were working on the issues that users were having logging in using some platforms. The issue was reported a couple of hours prior, beginning with users unable to log on using echofon, with no comment from Twitter until now.

In addition to the login issues, users are reporting that they are seeing all posts appear as if they were posted one year ago. That issue disappears when the page is refreshed, but reverts to the one year time frame within a minute or two. While relatively minor issues, some users are asking questions about whether the fact that some of the issues are related to logging in to use the service indicates a security risk for those affected users, and whether login information has been somehow compromised. Twitter has stated that updates will be given using the handle @support and the site and more specifics about the issues and any security concerns will be addressed there.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Jay Baker – Flickr License

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