Indonesia Search Pays Off as Debris Is Spotted


The search by officials from Indonesia for debris from the missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501 appears to have paid off, according to a Breaking News report by NBC News. On Tuesday, debris was confirmed as being spotted off of the island of Borneo which the search and rescue officials believe might be from the missing flight.

Red, white and black objects were spotted by Indonesian military aircraft floating in the ocean, as well as what appeared to be a life jacket. The objects were spotted to the south of Pangkalan Bun, approximately 105 miles off the coast, according to a statement that Indonesia National Search and Rescue spokesman Yusuf Latif gave to the AP. He added that a helicopter has been sent to retrieve and check out at least 10 pieces of the debris that was spotted.

Though Latif called the finding of the floating debris “significant,” he stated that the investigation had to be completed before anything could definitely be confirmed.

Early on Sunday, air traffic controllers lost contact with the AirAsia jet after a course change had been requested because of bad weather. The 162 passengers on board were flying from Indonesia to Singapore when contact was lost with the jet. According to officials, they received no distress call from the cockpit.

A search by officials from Indonesia has paid off in that debris has been spotted which is believed to be from the missing AirAsia flight. Updates will follow as further information becomes available.

Written By Douglas Cobb

NBC News
Photo by Day Donaldson – Flickr License

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