Jenna Coleman Will Return as Clara Oswald in ‘Doctor Who’

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Jenna Coleman

Good news, Doctor Who fans! Jenna Coleman, who has played the Doctor’s companion Clara Oswald opposite Matt Smith and now, Peter Capaldi, will return for another season of the popular BBC sci-fi series that began in 1963. In the United States, Doctor Who airs on BBC America.

There had been rumors, previous to the airing of the Doctor Who Christmas special, that actress Jenna Coleman, 28, might decide to part ways with the iconic and much-beloved series. Coleman has played the role of Clara Oswald since 2012.

However, Jenna Coleman has made it clear that she really enjoys playing Clara, the Doctor’s companion, and in an interview with the BBC, she stated that Clara and the 11th Doctor, played by Matt Smith, were getting comfortable with each other and now, she and the 12th Doctor are just reaching “a point where they really understand each other.” Coleman added that the “dynamic” has changed, and she felt that she “couldn’t walk away with the story being unresolved.”

With a whole new series of stories lined up, and Coleman beginning to mesh with Peter Capaldi, she stated that “There is so much more to do.” Capaldi, the 12th Time Lord, stated that he was happy that she will be returning. According to the Daily Mail, Capaldi said he was “excited and delighted” Coleman will be back for another season. He added that she was “a pleasure to work with.”

In the amazing Doctor Who Christmas special, viewed by 6.3 million people, Jenna Coleman as Clara got to kiss Santa Claus, played by Shaun of the Dead actor, Nick Frost. While some fans remain a bit ambivalent about how they feel about Jenna Coleman as Clara, her enthusiasm for the role shines through in her acting.

Showrunner Steven Moffat, who is also one of the creative forces behind Sherlock, announced in November that Peter Capaldi would be returning for the 13th season of Doctor Who. However, when he did not mention that Jenna Coleman would also be returning, fans of the series began to wonder if no announcement meant that the series would have a different actress playing the Doctor’s companion, Clara, next season.

As a young actress, Coleman appeared in the TV series Emmerdale before signing up in 2012 to portray the Doctor’s companion, Clara Oswald. While Coleman got the praise of many fans for voicing a Dalek in one episode, other fans, like David Hughes from Cardiff, have suggested in comments such as in his reaction to an article in the Daily Mail that the actress agreed to come back because there have “been no other job offers.”

A more favorable comment left at the Daily Mail site was from StopIgnorance in Dundee: “Quite like her and glad to see her stay, she and Capaldi work well together, the opposite personality styles clash in a good way.”

In fairness to Jenna Coleman, when a major shift is made in a TV series like often happens in Doctor Who, with a new actor taking up an iconic role, it can take a while to get used to the new actor. Coleman mentioned that the arrival of the 12th Doctor was like “this whole bombshell.”

With the announcement that Jenna Coleman will be returning as Clara Oswald in Doctor Who, Fans are eagerly anticipating what direction the new season will take. The alien Time Lord has gone through many incarnations, and the series has continued to remain popular over the course of five decades, with Doctor Who traveling through space and time and battling injustice wherever he finds it, often with his faithful companion, Clara, by his side or ready to come to his aid, if needed.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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