Khloe Kardashian Only Dated French Montana Due to Loneliness [Video]

Khloe Kardashian has admitted that she only ever began a relationship with French Montana because she was lonely and desperately wanted to date someone, a mindset she says she is completely over as of this point. She gave details surrounding the pair’s breakup and her reasoning behind it during a taping of Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian Take The Hamptons, which will air December 28th on E!

In the aforementioned scene, Kardashian sits down for a meal with sister Kourtney and her longtime partner Scott Disick and decides to fill them in on current events regarding her relationship. She informed them of her now ex-boyfriend’s recent arrest, and detailed her extreme discontent that she did not even get the courtesy of finding out about the event from French himself. Instead, she was alerted of the circumstance via Instagram, where the 30-year-old uploaded both a video as well as a still photograph detailing his encounter with the law.

Kardashian was nothing less than furious at this lack of involvement in such a significant event, especially since she had been texting him to find out what was going on with him and had received no reply. She relayed to her sister and Disick how quasi-amusing it was that he was always too busy to speak with her directly, but somehow found time to go on social media and post updates even though he had just been in jail. As for why he had been arrested, a question that the oldest Kardashian sister posed upon hearing about the situation, her younger sibling replied that she did not have an answer that it was anyone’s guess as to what her boyfriend had done to land himself in such legal hot water. As of right now, full details on that matter in general have yet to be revealed.

Kardashian then went on to say that her reason for wanting to break things off for good with Montana was nothing to do directly with his arrest, although the incident did not help matters in any way. She explained that the only reason she had ever really gotten together with the rapper in the first place was because she was in a bad, self-proclaimed destructive state in which all she wanted was to be with someone and not be lonely anymore following her split with Lamar Odom. The reality television star says that since that time, she has grown as a person and realized that all she truly wants is to be on her own in order to reestablish her own life before getting settled down with someone else. Disick encouraged the decision of his step-sister (he and Kourtney are not yet married but have been together for a very long length of time and have three children together, therefore are at the very least common-law), giving his opinion that she indeed needed to grieve over the ending of her marriage and get comfortable with herself before committing to anyone else.

It remains to be seen whether or not Kourtney Kardashian and French Montana will end up back together again, as their history has proved that not every breakup either one of them initiates sticks for very long. However, the California native is extremely adamant that being single is the best decision for her right now and that she only invested so much into the relationship simply for the reason of not wanting to be on her own just yet.

By Rebecca Grace

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Photo by Eva Rinaldi – Flickr License

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