Malaysia Floods Force 100,000 to Flee Homes and Leave 5 Dead


Floods in Malaysia have forced over 100,000 people to flee their homes and have left at least 5 people dead, according to a breaking news report by the BBC News. The country’s east coast is reportedly combating extensive flooding, the worst in decades.

The eastern coastal regions of Malaysia are used to the annual flooding that occurs during the monsoon season. However, officials have said that the situation is worse this year, due to unusually strong winds and heavy rains.

Malaysia’s prime minister, Najib Razak, has been on a vacation in the United States, but he cut it short to return to the country and work out a plan to deal with the extensive flooding. One of the regions Razak will tour will be the hard-hit areas of the Kelantan state, in the northern part of Malaysia.

One of the activities that the prime minister was engaged in, according to Jennifer Pak, a BBC Malaysia correspondent, was playing golf with President Obama in Hawaii. Photos of his playing golf there might have been an impetus for his return, if the emergency situation was not enough of a reason.

Many Malaysians, seeing the photos in various media sources, have had their opinion reinforced that the government has not taken a strong enough role in preventing the annual floods.

In some regions of the flood-ravaged country of Malaysia, the flood waters have submerged entire towns. Already, aid is being provided by rescue workers to families who have evacuated to relief centers, in the form of food and other needed supplies, according to the BBC article.

Written By Douglas Cobb

BBC News
Photo by Lan Rasso – Flickr License

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