Justin Bieber Sued Over Nightclub Beatdown in Southampton Last Year

Justin Bieber is personally being sued by a disgruntled British man who claims that the singer’s crew subjected him to something of a beatdown last August, and that the Baby hit-maker should be taking just as much credit for the attack as those he hired. The investigation itself was closed regarding the Canadian pop star’s involvement quite some time ago, but now the man is hitting back at authorities for what he feels is letting the kid get off scot-free for something he clearly condoned and signed off on to occur right under his nose.

Wayne Rennalls, a 22-year-old man from Southampton, England, has launched an all-out lawsuit against Bieber as well as his security team for the events that unfolded in the summer of 2013. He says that the Toronto native should be taking every responsibility for the attack, given that said security goons are on his payroll and therefore he is 100 percent accountable for their actions, and to make things right in terms of a financial settlement. The fact that the pop star himself did not get involved in the altercation himself is said to be completely irrelevant to the man suing. Rennalls has also publicly scrutinized the nightclub in question, South Pointe, for blatantly serving Bieber even though he was known to be underage (the singer was 19 at this time.)

The story that originally broke last year on TMZ, which at the time did not include any names, gave details that the dispute started when an unknown female in the club attempted to make her way over to talk to Bieber and was subsequently denied. She returned shortly with a male companion, who is said to have begun going off on the security guards for not allowing his associate to have contact with the pop star. It was at this point that Bieber himself lost it, taking off his shirt and screaming at the guy to get lost. He and his crew left the club shortly after this, but another conflict began in the parking lot just before the Believe singer managed to get away from the scene. Reports have stated that it is unclear what set this second incident off, but it led to Bieber jumping out of the sunroof of the SUV he was in and onto the roof, shortly before the victim was knocked onto the cement. Although it seemed as though the star was fully planning on getting involved into the melee himself, he never actually did and therefore the investigation that was launched was focused only on the people he had with him at the time of the scuffle. It was said to be difficult to finger who exactly was at fault in the situation, as both the victim as well as Bieber’s crew were reportedly being equally as aggressive towards each other.

It remains to be seen whether or not Wayne Rennalls will get his wish for Justin Bieber to be fully penalized for his role in the nightclub brawl that left him with several cuts and bruises. He is suing for an unspecified amount of damages.

By Rebecca Grace

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